Tuesday, November 23, 2004

An interesting question ...

The other day, I was having an interesting conversation with a very learned man. He raised an intriguing point, he said:

Do you EVER have to tell a donkey to behave like a donkey???
Or dog to behave like a dog, or a cat like cat, rat like a rat???
Well, then, why the hell do we have to tell Humans to behave like Humans!

If you see, this argument has got interesting implications! We the HUMANS, claiming to be the supreme-most creation of the creator, the most rational of organisms, the smartest of all, most able of animals, most conscious of the beings, needs to be reminded of his basic most characteristics: Humanity! Where are we heading to? No one knows! America wants to conquer Iraq, Pakistan our Kashmir, politicians want the control over citizen's lives, leaders over the men of his party, teachers over students, scientists over mother nature ... And the chain goes on and on!!! Without ever thinking what shame are they condemning the creator to. Are we the most debauched of HIS creations, contrary to our beliefs? Any answers?

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men.
- Martin Luther


Prabhat Singh said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting article with me.

I, myself, had this question for sometime in past that why humans need to spend their entire life to learn how to become a good person and live the life properly. And, why all animals have inbuilt intelligence and they need not to learn how to become a good Dog, Good Cat etc :-).

After lots of thinking I realized that all other forms of life (other than Humans) are living naturally, at very basic level of existance and they perform bare minimal intelligent actions (merely, eating, sleeping, procreation and eventully dying). And, for generations, they have been practising the same logic over and over again CONSISTENTLY, without any expection, without any gap. Thus, this all intelligence eventually got embedded in their genes.

However, we humans live at a very different level and perform much different, difficult and have lots of complexity in our lives (many times because of being unnatural). Thus, definitly, it requires lots of intellengence and learning to handle this life.

It is not that, the rules of rightous living or "Art of Living" are not present and prescribed for we humans. All the civilizations of the world have some or other code of conduct for being a good human being, as part of their religion and social customs. And, most of these rules are fairly simple and limited too.

Now, the problem is why we humans need to be told and taught to behave in certain manner and why not all this information is in our genes???

I feel, that our generations never practiced those rules and behaved in desired manner completely and CONSISTENTLY.

Though, there have been handful people who followed, mastered and even discovered these rules and laws (and they can be claimed to be Human or even Divine). But, truth is, there have been so many gaps in the tradition. These laws, rules have not been followed consistently by every one in the human generations. Thus, these laws, rules or you can say basics are yet to be transferred/encoded in our genes.

Result, all this need to be taught post birth and REMINDED too :-).

And, ALAS !!! the vicious cycle, we also , are not willing to learn and practise them completely. Thus, no chance of them going in to our genes in near future. And our future generations will also have the same fate.

I myself am struggling to learn the "Art of Living" for quite sometime. But, I realize the subtle tendencies of my mind are very strong. And, most of the time when I really need to behave as a mature/good human being, I make mistake. As Sri Sri says, "often the life is caught up in the storms", often I find that my little mind is caught up in some or other storm and I loose connection with that faculty of my existence which keeps me behaving like a Human. And, eventually mistakes are made by myself.

But, I also feel that may be "this Human Life is the oppurtunity to learn to become Human Like" :-).

I also realized that with practice and patience, I can be in control and can become a better Human being (rather come close to being a Human being).

Let this life bring the situations for us to unlearn, learn and become better (may I say human being) every day. And, may we learn and master the "Art of Living" :-)


Gaurav Roy said...

The most basic instinct that drives the whole universe is "Survival". There are a whole lot of changes that keep happening in environment. The only way any living being is going to survive if the weak (less suited to conditions) are eliminated and the strong (better suited to conditions) continue living. This is the evolutionary principle of nature.

We are just slaves to that. At every moment in the life cycle of nature, many routes are taken gentically. 99% of them get extinct and are thought of as biological defects. Only 1% survive to become a better genus. Similarly, all the human race (or sub race) is trying to do is increase its own chance of survival by eliminating other beings (may it be diseases, environmental catastrophy prevention or racial cleansing or control of potentially harmful beings).

Now regarding the control aspect:
An example of this happening in nature is the bee hive. If the worker bees believe that their hive is not growing fast enough or healthy, they blame the Queen for it, who is actually their mother. They would like to take their chances with a new queen and start breeding a new queen. If the new queen wins a fatal deathmatch, then she becomes queen. But the brood of worker bees believe it's best for their survival. Such kind of survival instincts are ingrained in all beings right from mate, food to leader selection. After we share more than 99% of the genes with Chimps too. Its only this lesser than 1% that is different. How much affect can that have?
Refereed from the interesting diary for bees here: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2005/6/18/2536/74869

The reason for America attacking Iraq is simple. They believe its going to help their survival. They need oil. Politicians are no different than the queen bee (or atleast they would like to belive that, since they control policies of their hive). If they loose control of workers, they have fear of getting overthrown by another new queen bee.

Good and bad are relative terms.
Its survival of the fittest. Someday humans will also be superseeded by more fitter beings.
It would be an interesting from up above -- "However intelligent species get; their aims and aspirations remain the same" .....

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