Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai burns under yet another terrorist attack

I bet most of you must be following the latest sensational drama unfolding in its unholy fury in Mumbai on 26th-27th of November '08... It is so sad that we, India, keep becoming so helpless every now and then and succumb under such attacks so now common that it has become kind of routine for Mumbaikars. What is equally unnerving is that top 3 police officers lost their lives: Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare, encounter cop specialist Vijay Salaskar (with 80+ encounter shootouts to his credit) and ACP Ashok Kamte.

They represented a handful few who stood between those a$$hole suicide bombers/terrorists and the common man.

May their souls rest in peace, Amen! And may God give Mumbaikers the power yet once again to put up with this routine bullshit!

This attack is a little different than the previous ones in the sense that terrorists have targeted hospital and two of the most prestigious and iconic hotels in the nation. And none of the operations I have heard of have cost so dearly to Mumbai police in terms of top notch officers. Skeptics would point out if Anti-Terrorism head could not protect himself, what can the whole force do for common man! And I would not blame them. The coordination in this attack, the kind and quantity of ammunition used is mind boggling. AK-47s, hand grenades, RDX, bomb blasts and what not. It is claimed to be better organized than most of the attacks in the past. What is strikingly disturbing about this attack is the fact that terrorists have learnt that Indian lives are cheap... dirt cheap, to be precise. They now know that the people at the top who claim to run and safeguard the nation don't give a rat's a$$ about our (Indian) lives. They are so self-centered that any amount of atrocity done to Indians will be overlooked. So they are playing it smart this time... they are targeting foreign nationalists as their hostages this time! This is a tight slap in the face of the whole of India. I'm now disgustingly ashamed of care takers of my country! Also, most of the previous attacks have had strong and clear motives. Most of them had recognizable pattern. But this is uniquely random, and up to this point lacking any definitive motive.

There is only one species of people who are creating this nuisance. And not only in India, but the rest of the world. They have become a PITA around the globe under the pretext of holy war. And we all know these people are... see some of the links below. What I fail to understand is the reason why can't we get rid of them. Why can't we stand on our feet and answer those a$$holes once and for all. Why do we keep bending down and show them a$$es to be @#$ed over and over! Why the !@#$ does it take you 15 years to convict a terrorist who claimed thousands of lives and caused loss of the tunes of millions of dollars to the nation! Why are we not nipping them in the butt? When US's WTC was bombarded, they bloody practically washed out the whole of Afghanistan! Of course they went a little too far and eventually created a mess out of it, but they nonetheless gave a befitting reply to their WTC episode.

Why are we so complacent about these attacks on us.... why should a common man have to put up with such BS... when will politics finally take a backseat and real issue of terrorism be addressed! We are one of the fastest growing nations and yet can't protect our own men. Whether you agree with me or not, but there definitely is political connection with this. For once you god forsaken !@#$ing bloody politicians keep aside your mean interests to mint money that you are never going to use and need and address the problems of common man.

The whole of past 8 hours I am following the news with such intensity that I'm finding it difficult to function normally. And what I also know is that at the end of all this Mumbai will be up once again, as if nothing ever happened, and those a$$holes will strike again and we will be helpless yet again! Why India? Why the !@$#ing hell :'(

I was born and brought up in Mumbai and I went through the infamous '93 blast. It was one of the darkest periods in Mumbai's history. And tonight's episode is regurgitating all those unpleasant memories to surface.

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A said...

It's not about how these guys wiped out Afghanistan. Just look around and temme if ANYTHING ever happened in this country after 9/11 which is ANYWHERE close to what has been ceaselessly going around in India since 2005.

RIP Mumbaikars...

The Shaolin said...

@A, yes, that is true. Nothing has ever happened even of the fraction of 9/11's magnitude. And after '93 blasts terrorist attacks have become an integral part of Mumbaikar's life :(

RIP Mumbaikars...

priti said...

few say we first need to take terrorrism out of us..few say we need to do this, few say we need to that..
sitting totally numb in my chair today morning,in front of my television and computer and would just make a fail attempt to revive colors of india,patriotism,humanity through some amazing videos we cherish. and satisfy my conscious..

Jay said...

Excellent depiction of feeling,put is the correct words. You vehemently ask questions about doing something about the "only species". Any creative answers about actually doing something about the species would be great !! .

Many thanks to linking to the site and spreading the word.
Jai Maharaj

Asmita said...

hey Atul .... You know what ! You dared to talk what every one of us has in their mind !!! bravo Man ! We the Indians especially youth should create a chorus out of every such individual voice n make our government realize that We no longer can tolerate their impotency !!!!

The Shaolin said...

True... but despite seeing the patriotic videos I remain ashamed of my mother India for the first time in my life :'(

Thanks for your words. And I appreciate you sharing all the info you have put up there. As to solution, I think we all know it but don't want to speak out: An eye for an eye! I don't give a !@#$ about '... makes the whole world blind' for the first time! Because desperate time calls for desperate measures!

Yes, we should... but unfortunately we get so so so bogged down by our daily grind that we have come to live with it rather than fight. And that is so sad, but I too wish that we do something.