Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Good Overrated?

Why is it that good people (and nation) are always hurt and under constant wrath from mother nature, while the nations of terrorists enjoy almost no natural calamities. As if that were not enough, the terrorist-harboring nations are geographically well endowed by mother nature herself with a terrain that makes it difficult to stop anti-social activities from taking place.
I don't expressly wish evil on anyone (God be my witness here), but this is something I ponder on a every too often.  Won't the world be a little better place to live (and die) in if these calamities were to be geographically shifted a bit?  Or is there a supreme power sitting somewhere architecting hideously evil plans to unleash utter chaos? I don't know; but increasingly I am gravitating into believing that!  Or is it that "Good" is just overrated and misinterpreted? Just too many (useless?) questions ~~sigh~~ Mother Nature, I truly fail to understand your cryptic ways.
Over the years, watching white waters gush out from waterfalls and dam openings have given me good enough of an idea the unforgiving power water wields.  But watching the waters from the ocean effortlessly wash away everything in its path for kilometers as if the structures were made of mere paper, is indeed a very humbling experience.
Japan is called the 'Land Of The Rising Sun' for a good reason, I think; a nation that rose to excellence from ashes of atomic bombings speaks for by itself.  It will rise from this destruction too.  For, I believe, the country has the right kind of very strong fundamentals, at the very least better than the most (Western!) nations. One of the few nations I have almost unconditional respect for (apparently, despite some of their perceived social deficiencies, of which, frankly, I have no firsthand knowledge).
My condolences to Japanese and sincere wishes to the affected ones.
I pray for the strength for people who have lost their loved ones.

P.S. I find it enraging and utterly disturbing at the same time to see that while Nippons are facing devastating circumstances, hordes of people too worried about who will win the next cricket world cup (which, just so you know, has already been rigged and fixed!).  Well, nothing that you can do about it by not watching cricket, but then doesn't it also apply to cribbing about performances of highly dysfunctional and irritating and overrated and over-pampered and over-paid and under-performing Indian cricket team?  And yes, I have all the friggin' right to say so because it is my and other tax-payers' hard earned money that is being wasted on such infidels, which clearly could have been put to better use!  BTW, same was the sad state of affairs when destruction struck home in the form of Kargil War in 1999. So why am I surprised and why should I expect any different this time, esp. when it is not even affecting our nation in any way? Not that I claim to be better than such massed, but this is truly disturbing and disgusting :(

[0] Photos: a glimpse of devastation in Japan
[1] Video: Tsunami washing out the landscape
[2] Kargil War

----- edit Tue 15-Mar-2011 -----
As much as I am impressed with Japanese discipline (and this might seem as an out-of-the-context update, but wait while you tread along) and have heard many a stories about high moral standards most Japanese live up to (from bizarre to almost legend-like), this is the first time I am hearing a very tangible story in a blog: There is no loot whatsoever during this disastrous natural calamity. And to top it off, contrary to Western Culture, businessmen have started offering their services for a discounts!  I had read in Sony's co-founder, Akio Morita's, book Made In Japan, (a strongly recommended read) that the difference in salary between the top-most level executive and lowest workhorse is not as marked as in Western nations and in troubled times execs take pay cuts before they have to fire even a single employee for financial reasons.  But people offering services for discount, man that impresses me like nothing else! Example of true patriotism and pride-for-nation by action, not mere words!
Another touching story: Apple's Role in Japan. I'm sure this has very-very little to do with Cupertino's Apple itself (for the fear of taking away credit for their good deed) and all to do with the high-level Apple execs in Japan (who, I suspect) are pushing for this kind of unusual support.  This is purely a speculation, but a well founded one, I bet you would agree. They might even be shelling out $$$s from their own pockets (for I strongly believe that the eternally-hungry-for-more West would NEVER want to support, the Orientals, for free!), we might never know the truth! For Japanese would never tell us! True to their moral code!
I bow to thee ~~~bowing so low in utmost respect that my back almost hurts~~~
Upholding the true 'Bushido' spirit, as I learned at my Karate dojo  (and continually reinforced in practice at home in the form of "being honest" and remaining "humane", even when nobody is watching over!) Of course there is flip side to every coin, but this is outright impressive.
In a nutshell, I guess this stems from the fact that Orientals' are more community-centric while the West teaches people to be more individually-centered.

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