Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fists of Fury: Fight Science

I was down with fever yesterday. Thought of watching some good stuff while I took time off from work!
Fortunately I'm never short of such stuff...

Fist of Fury: Fight Science gives viewers an insight into what's martial arts, what we see in movies is fact or fiction! (please note that only Hollywood and Hongkong movies are referred to here, Indian movies, esp. Tollywood the South Indian movies are NOT qualified in this!)

Can one really deliver knockout blow, can a man really strike faster than a serpent, can human body by itself be a deadly weapon, can a man really balance and move nimbly like a cat, can a single samurai strike cut a man in 2!!! If you are wondering, the answer to all of these questions is YES! How & Why??? Well that's what this whole documentary is about!

The martial experts now face the toughest opponent, the unfailing science. Now, science, for the first time, analyzes everything with a thousands of dollars worth of sophisticated equipment (mostly from auto industry's crash test) and gives us a testimony that what we see in movies is after all not a myth! The famous Drunken Boxing that we saw in Jackie Chan's movie is NOT a style invented for fun! It is FOR real a very sophisticated martial art! Those awkward seemingly impossible to balance poses, which we think are by the virtue of strings, is not a myth, neither is it a camera trick! It's all physics! Exacting calculation of Center of Gravity!

This is a MUST see for any martial artist fanatic!!! I watched it twice in a row, already!!!

As a side note, I also finished Aurthur Hailey's Wheels! Amazing book, review coming up soon.