Thursday, March 24, 2005


While I've lots of stuff to post, I couldn't resist when I stumbled upon this SEXY Vim tip! I just couldn't wait to share this with you all. I know, this might be pretty naive for a seasoned Vi* user, but still just in case you don't have this! Just place this in your .vimrc.
" Get me the function name!
map _F ma[[k"xyy`a:echo @x

Ok, do you want me to explain it piece-meal... here it goes...
1. map _F
This will map key combination '_' followe by 'F' to whatever follows.
2. ma
Record/mark your current cursour location in the file into 'a'.
3. [[
Takes you to the start of the current function.
4. k
Move one line up.
Read/yank current line into register 'x'
Get back to where your cursour originally was, i.e. marked as 'a'
:echo @x
Echo the contents of reg 'x', which happens to be the function name!
This is the actual source of this tip!
Happy Vi*'ing!

Note: This won't work if you define your functions in a little different way!!!
In that case use
[[ to go to start of the function, read the name and press '' (two single quotes) to return to previous cursour location.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Screenshot after a long time!
Any gusses on the babe?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Meditation is a MUST

I know everyone is just VERY busy. How the hell does one spare time for meditation? Besides, what good is it in this highly competative and stressful world? If you are faced with the same dilema ... here's how Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Art Of Living responds. I found a reference to this on one of Art of Living sites.

Question: Meditation calms the mind. It feels good. But in our daily life we have to handle paying bills, parking tickets and other mundane things. How can we do this with the same calm mind without getting irritated or perturbed?

Sri Sri: You take a shower in the morning to clean your body. After that you do all the daily activities. You don't have to keep on taking a shower throughout the day. It is like that. You meditate and calm your mind, then go on with other activities. It is not easy to keep yourself undisturbed but it will happen as you keep doing the practices regularly. Then it will become easy.

Friday, March 04, 2005

My Radio's off

That's SICK!!! Working without music is BORING like hell! I usually play radio to aid me concentrate. No no no no NOT radio mirchi! I said I play radio for MUSIC and not for NOISE. These days people know of radio ONLY because of that GOD DAMNED cheap-boring-stinking radio channel. I listen to good old Vividh Bharati. Music also serves as a means to cut me off of all the ambient noises around me! I think the problem is mainly becasue just behind the place where I kept my small walky 2 new PCs have come up. They seem to be causing a lot of electromangetic disturbance, which interferes with already weak radio signals in my cubicle :'-( Don't believe me, trying tuning your small walky keeping it near your monitor or PC cabinet. Any ideas how I can work around this problem??? Be the provider of a fix to this blessed! No, PLEASE don't give me options like MP3, Internet Radio, Cassette, get antenna blah blah.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Met Sushmita Sen

Hello Buddies, back after a LONG time! Was sick last week and so had to cover up for the sick leaves! Am back to normal, I guess ;-) A couple of days back I met Sushmita Sen! Yes the former Miss Universe, 1994! She was staying at resort at an hour's drive from Pune. My sister had contacts with the person in-charge of the resort who asked her if she was interested in seeing her personally! She jumped to her feet and asked me (along with other cousins) to join in. I, of course, was too reluctant to spend my Sunday leisure time waiting to see any celebrity (of course unless she were Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron). But I joined and I tell you, a few hours' wait was worth it. She's a VERY soft spoken person and shows no ego. And GOD DAMN ... she looks so SSSSSSSWEET!!! Here's one snap that I want to share with you guys!

Envy me ...