Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Understanding Life: Curse or a Boon?

Another dose of random thought...

Random Thought 61:

The more you understand life, the more precisely you know *what* you want from life, the messier it looks. And more painful it becomes to live.

These are the words (not verbatim) that Pal shared in an exchange of a few soulful words we had the other day. I could have never put the essence of one of the many important lessons of life in such a concise form. The words have, ever since, stuck in my head and just refuse to go away. And so thought of wedging them into yours too.

Sometimes I really ponder hard on the benefits of living the 'ignorance-is-bliss' kind of lifestyle. Occasionally I get torn between the benefits-n-bliss of ignorance vs the fear of stepping into a mess because of ignorance. So far, to my knowledge, knowing more has only exacerbated the pain. Yet something in me refuses to adopt the way of ignorance ~~~sigh~~~

Probably, as with everything else in life (and computer science!), best of the solutions are the ones which are hybrid of many. I guess, therein, somewhere lies the answer to my vexing question.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Pearls of Mother Nature

Though not as much as I would like, I have been able to spend a little more time on photography than I had been able to spend the last year.

Here's one of my favorite macro shots that I took 2 days back. A lot of my friends liked it too, and so I thought it is worth sharing here on the blog.

Since I always like to read about story behind the photos I like, I would first love to bore you guys with a little background about this shot:

Though the spring is officially here, the sight of sun is still a distant dream. So when the sun shone (unexpectedly) one fine morning, I carried my camera on the way to office. Since rain had just stopped, I thought this would be perfect opportunity to shoot some delicate water droplets on plants. Bingo! I was lucky. When I reached the gates, sun was still up (not as bright though) and the sky's shower tap was tightly closed. I pulled out my camera immediately, and spend the next half an hour or so funnily crouching to shoot droplets off the grass blades just 6 inches above the ground. So prepared I was, that I had even put on a pair of gloves, the temperature was around 41F (5C). I'm sure people peering through their office windows must have had a good morning's laugh and fun time seeing a funny guy shooting grasses at extremely close range, stepping into mud and almost falling onto them :)

And here's one of the few shots I liked, will share more soon.
(click on photo or here to see it in higher resolution).

I love the grass blades seen in the tini-tiny water droplet!

Pearls of Mother Nature From First Macro Shots

Here's another macro that I liked, Heart of the flower, which I clicked the day I got my macro.

Heart of the flower From First Macro Shots