Monday, September 20, 2010

Human Race Sucks

And will keep doing so through eons...
If you have been following my blog closely for while, hmm... well no, actually let me be more precise, if you have been following my _thoughts_ closely for while, then you might know HOW much I detest the highly mis-considered pinnacle of all races, The Human Race...

Nothing I say can be summarized better than what Jonas Salk beautifully put, which regurgitated my latent thoughts about this most celebrated of races in history:

If all the insects on earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on earth would disappear!
If all humans disappeared, within 50 years all species would flourish as never before!
-Jonas Salk.

And the meaning of these two lines go way much beyond mere ecology and pure biology, that is if you are willing to step back and think about it for a while. If there were just one singular race of any living organism that I look down upon the MOST with my utmost disgust, it is this human race. If there ever were a living nemesis of everything and anything on this planet, then it would be the human race.

And yet there are a few in this sad race of ours that make living worth for! In this case, only (an infinitesimally) small percentage of people gives the whole race a good name, which is otherwise totally fcked up and rolled-in-bull-crap.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my family, friends and more, and will continue to do so, all of whom are humans :-) It is the race itself that has gone down the gutter and will forever disgust me ~~~utter disgusted grimace on my face~~~

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