Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Haircut, Again!

Life has been a little too demanding lately. While this is not my normal way of having fun, now that I can't do anything about it, I said to myself: "Rather than being glum over it, why don't you have some fun with it!"
One fine Sunday when I thought of getting the much-delayed haircut, I didn't have this outcome in my mind. I don't know what did the lady hear, but after she heard me she armed herself with the electric trimmer and slapped on some numbered attachment to it. A normal(?) person would be alarmed, but I thought she would trim the side-burns with the trimmer (as has been my usual experience). Indeed she did, but soon she switched gears and, Nooo....(you can hear me screaming, right!) she went straight for the center of my head...  and ~~zaapp~~ one swift movement and a good chunk of hair from the top of my head disappeared! Martyred, my beautiful hair lay on glaze titled floor, ready to be sucked into the vacuum!
What choice did I then have but to let hair on the rest of my head be reduced to same (lowly-)level! (Some of my friends suggested I should have contested and got a free haircut, while some said this should have been reflected in the tip. I did neither).

Surprised with the haircut?
Reaction from all my friends was unanimously from WTF to LMAO! Got a few raised eyebrows from coworkers too.  The ones who didn't share the same reaction were just too polite to admit it.  Some mild reactions were toned down to "Guys look smart in short hair".  Everybody claimed that I must have fallen asleep during the haircut, but they know it is not true. While most of the world pictures us programmers as caffeine-hooked god(?)-made animate beings (most of them think of us as almost animate), none of us would fall asleep on a chair while someone wields life-threateningly sharp scissors around our heads!
But one thing was increasingly clear to me, this incident would make for a good post :-P Esp. when I haven't posted in a while.

As a result of this (pathetic) haircut, my parents almost disowned me. But I convinced my lovely Mom that I will grow them fast (I make her put Dabur Amla Hair Oil every other day.  Anyone has better ideas on how to grow them faster!) She agreed to calm my daddy down :) And all's well now and everybody has agreed to take me back into family for the time being :-D You see, my father still adorns the 70's Vinod Khanna style long haircut. More than 4 decades and there is very little to no change in his hair style.  So it is only natural for him to be very upset looking at his son's navy-styled trimmed haircut given that I'm not in Navy or even closely related.

Anyway, thought it has been a while I posted something, what better choice than make some people chuckle!
Btw, the last time this happened, it was by choice. But this time it was by hmm... force, may I say.  You would have a much harder LMAO session with nice before-after pictures from last episode there: In Search Of Perfect Haircut!

As a side note: A lot of friends I talked to conceded that they have been victimized by a similar haircut fail. Unanimously everyone called out the fail at the chain of Supercuts (just like me)!