Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rafisab moves me again!

Mohd. Rafi, a singer of caliber so high, nature so humble-n-humane that there NEVER was and NEVER will be a singer close to his abilities, PERIOD! He moves me once again with his Godly voice. Listen to one of his amazing hits:
Title : Tu Hi Woh Haseen Hai
Movie : Khwaab
Singer: who else, Mohammad Rafi
Album : Legends - Mohammad Rafi - The Virtuoso

These are NOT authoritative lyrics, but the best you can get, my own run time translation, because there aren't any on the web :( But... check out the link at the end of this post!

Tu hi woh haseen hai
Tu hi woh haseen hai
Jiski tasveer khayalon mein muddat se bani hai...
Tu hi woh haseen hai
Ooo hoo Tu hi woh haseen hai

Rukay roshan pe zulfay bikhrai hua
Jisay chanda pe badal ho chaye hua...
Meinay dekha tujhe to mera dil mujhe yeahi khene laga
Ooo ... meinay dekha tujhe to mera dil mujhe yeahi khene laga
Dhunday nazarae jisay din raat koi aur nahi hai
Tu hi woh haseen hai
Ooo hoo Tu hi woh haseen hai

Wow, the way lyricist has alluded to his amazingly beautiful lover, Rafi adds his enchanting, innocent, adorable, pure voice personifying the song! Evoking strong emotions of almost insurmountable magnitude. If you LOVE romantic songs, don't shun away from this song, but yes, as usual, you GOT TO listen it with a calm mind, with 110% attention to the song!

As promised to save you time and energy of searching the song, if you reached this far, then you deserve a direct link to the MP3.
Yes, if you are Rafi lover, I can try to up the series 'Legends - Mohammad Rafi - The Virtuoso'. But I bet there are already a zillion out there.

My buddy's blog

All you technophiles out there, my chaddi-buddy, my darling friend, my alter-ego one of my closest friends over a decade (touchwood) is into blogging now! Presenting you: Arun (aka Anna! Beware only I can call him Anna, you guys should resort to back to plain Arun!)

He promises some great things in his 'Hello World' post, so Anna, we all are looking up to your blog! And I know you will live up to our expectations!

And you guys... don't ditch visiting my blog :-D

Note: Well, he didn't say this, but I trust my blog inspired him to start one of his own ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Beautiful Autumn

Season of beautiful vibrant colours... just outside the main campus...

Photo Credits: Self
Sony W700i

In search of a perfect haircut

Cool Dudes, before they went on the quest for the perfect haircut...Much frustrated as they were with long hair and done with midterms, they wanted to feel light... relieved of _some_ burden... haircut was the salvage, or at least so they thought! Off they went hunting for the cheapest place to get the cut. Average rate is about $15 (plus $1 compulsory tip!) which is about $16 * 40 == 640/- INR!!! (Naah, I can't stop converting $$$s to INRs... and probably won't until I start earning some $$s).
WTF! Back home that is way beyond my yearly expense on grooming, even if I had a decent head massage after every cut, every once a month!!! After much hunting and calling places, we found a place which we suspected might be a tad cheaper. But to our dismay, it was shut. Damn! Businesses here shut down by 1601 hrs :(

Next day we came and voila! We walked in, $13 (+$1 tip)... savings of $2! Not bad, after all it was worth waiting! We had decided to have the shortest cut possible, only second to full moon!
Crew cut, was what these dudes settled for! And the result is in front of you:

Back in India, I bet all you buddies there are laughing your a$$e$ off at this, but no regrets! The cut makes me feel so light headed :D
Photo Credits: Atul/Vish
Equipment: Sony W700i

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Screenshot, weekend update and more

Just done with midterms, and took a 2 day break from 16-hours-slogging-per-day regime. Seeing recent posts people have started believing that I'm having a gala out here. Indeed I'm having a gala time, but not of the kind apparent from my recent posts. The 16 hour regime is a norm here at CMU for every grad student. With weekends requiring a little more than 16 hrs! Schedule's packed with inceasent stream of assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and lectures. On top of that, household chores, cooking and everything else! But yes, I'm enjoying it :) I *have* to enjoy it!

In midst of all this, I keep fiddling with my box, which I LOVE doing, and just managed screw up my Lightning Calendar today :( Lost all the important appointments (read dates) recorded in there.

I use Thunderbird (hereafter refered to as thunder) as my mail client, and it has this amazing calendar plugin: Lightning. On my Debian lenny/sid, thunder was stuck on 1.5.x version. I wanted the latest one,, and so tweaked the /etc/apt/sources.lst file to include 'unstable' packages. 'apt-get update' followed by upgrade of thunder rendered my thunderbird useless :( Going back to older version doesn't work (at least not trivially) and latest version erased all my calendar appoitments. And as you can guess, I DIDN'T have a backup of my calendars :( To worsen the matters, the Lightning refuses to work with Thunder now :( Oh, and I forgot to tell, the reason I wanted to upgrade was that the Provider for Google Calendar works only with the latest versions.

So, I've resorted back to Sunbird, a standalone calendar/organizer. Haven't got it organized it yet, because the fonts are looking unweildly BIG :( And there's absolutely no control over it from the preferences and neither from 'kcontrol -> Appearance & Themes -> Fonts' Gosh, today is the day to screw up apps, I guess!

And I'm aware that there haven't been any screenshots recently, but remember that I never stop collecting s___y wallpapers! So here you go... only this time a little digression from my regular type of snapshots...

The sexy widgets that you see (system info, time, KDE version) is SuperKaramba! Let me know if you are curious what themes are running, too lazy to detail on that now. I've persnalized version of them to fit my needs. And here's the link to original wallpaper.