Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Better GMail and Mohammad Rafi

Too little techie stuff of lately... what else to rescue other than vim...
Better GMail is really a very useful Firefox add-on for keyboard fanatics, which also translates to vim fanatics. I wouldn't dive into intricacies of the addon, because it has been already done extensively by Lifehacker.

vi's i,j,k,l commands are already supported on GMail, even without this extension. But this addon takes keyboard control to next level, you can:
- Jump to a label
- Create a new label
- Trash an email
- mark it as read/unread
- archive
and do LOADS more, just at the press of a key! Click the above snapshot glance what all it gives you. Once you get used to it, there's no looking back! Give it a shot! And my bet is you'll love it!
(Note: emacs users, stay away from this plugin, you'll come to hate it!)

BTW, there's another, what I would call, mother-of-all addons exclusively for vim fanatics: vimperator. I haven't given it a shot yet, but just glanced at it. And it's nothing less than a full fledged vim INSIDE firefox!

Oh yes, and for last 3-4 days, I've been listening to this melodious song sung by none other than my Mohd. Rafi (only few of the persons who can be called real singers, most humane and down-to-earth celebrity, with God's gift to mesmerize his listeners) from Tere Ghar ke Samne. I put it on repeat-mode and listen it while driving to and from office, NON-STOP. For 1+ hr straight, each way of the journey: Tu Kahan Ye Bata.
Yes, I'm a little crazy, but that's just me! You gotta give it a try, and listen to it (try it when you are at peace with yourself). And you'll feel you have attained the blissful state of momentary nirvana. That's the magic of Rafisab's voice.
Pick the song 'Tu Kahan Ye Bata' from this folder. Also find lyrics in the same folder. Passkey is 'rafi'. Oh and did I forget to say the lyricist is none other than the legendary Hasrat Jaipuri!