Thursday, November 26, 2009

Random Thought

Another really really long silence :( ~~~sigh~~~

I'm either becoming a really really lazy a$ or too busy or too absorbed, centric, distracted, or too workaholic, lost OR worse... a dangerous potpourri of the all :-S At this point it is beyond my rational abilities to point what it is. But what I can sense is I have been lost for quite some time now. I fail to see that bright light at of the tunnel which reflects as a glimmer of hope in the heart. One feels like that when one haven't had a sense of achievement for a while, not even in smallest of things he has touched, yet wants to keep kicking harder and harder.

With that crap out of our way, I have to say that I have been working for a very long time on many things to put up on blog. My Random Thoughts, is one of them.

But before I dive into it, let me explain what I mean by my my random thought, and set some understanding of what to expect. So that you can make an informed(???) decision of whether to read the BS or not.

What is a Random Thought
From time to time, absolutely random (yet seemingly meaningful) thoughts play circus in my mind and heart. Most, if not all, cannot be systematically proven, and relies mostly on common-sense (which is VERY uncommon) personal experiences and idiosyncrasies, systematic (but, again, unprovable logical) deductions. Most of them are of the type, I think..., I wonder..., Why..., I believe..., , etc. Or opinions, if you will. I have always wanted to keep log of such eccentric bizarre thoughts, but never succeeded. That is until 3 months back when I started collecting some of them.

I will refrain from explaining why's of these thoughts. Not because it makes it any easier to shove any BS down your throats, but because the very definition of 'random thought' deems it so! If there were an easy-to-explain basis to it, it wouldn't be called random. Would it!

Besides that, even if I attempted to explain/reason/rationalize them, I could do NO justice to them in any of the languages (literary or otherwise) that I know of. Most thoughts will strike to you as plain baseless and even stupid. You will rarely understand the depth of them, unless you believe in (extra-terrestrial) means of communication other than spoken and written literals. (Then why the hell are you putting them here!!!) Yet some might surprisingly strike a chord in you. (Now you know why! Don't you!) I would definitely appreciate your views and sincere feedback, but probes into 'why' might usually mean talking to my hands for the sheer lack of appropriate knowledge (on my part).

So here is the zeroth dose of one of my many random thoughts to come....

Random Thought 18:
People (who are these people? everybody?) usually perpetrate the false impression that world indeed has become a better place compared to say a century ago. While this is true of some outwardly measurable things, the effective quality of life (aka happiness, which also presents itself in the forms of peace or satisfaction) has indeed gone down the drain. It is easy to measure the former (say zero people die of tuberculosis, we can calculate the value of pi to 100th decimal place in less than a second, the AK-47 can put a hole through 600 humans per minute, etc.). But it is nearly impossible to numerically measure the EFFECTIVE QUALITY of life. There seems to be no universal metric to measure it. (I'm not denying that there been no attempts to do it, but I'm sure if there are any, they are by no means universal).
On top of that, quality-of-life itself is something very difficult to define, let alone measure. So by classic scientific definition my argument is senseless. How can you say something is improving or deteriorating which you cannot measure! Talk of some randomness in thoughts, huh! Yet, here I am, increasingly having a sense that
world as of today (as a whole), if not worse, is not any better than a century ago.
It is not that I hate the advancements we have made, naah, far from that. It is the detrimental byproducts of the advancements (as a summation) that, in my view, outpace the advancements.
Any takers? Opponents?