Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Comments Are More Important Than Code

And that is EXACTLY what this article talks about!
This in light of the fact that some time back I too was a victim (chk this blog post) of the same phenomenon: Reading/Hacking absolutely undocumented code!!!

BTW, this article is by: JEF RASKIN, professor of computer science at the University of Chicago, is best known for his book, The Humane Interface (Addison-Wesley, 2000), and for having created the Macintosh project at Apple. This info is enough to urge you to atleast gloss through the article.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Radio revivification

WOW! Since Nevis have moved to new location (moved to adjoining newer building in same campus) my radio has been blessed with LIFE! Yes, it's back to life and I can listen to Vivdha Bharati once again! Signal strength seems to be OK or EM noise has reduced, whatever it is, I don't give a damn.
The reason I'm posting this is just to tell you that right now it is airing AMAZINGLY GREATEST of OLD SONGS! And I couldn't resist a quick post just to BLESS Vivdha Bharati.
Long Live Old Songs & Vivdha Bharati!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

New sexy portable MP3 player

Got a sexy portable MP3 player: Creative MuVo TX FM 512MB.

Salient features...
  • Built-in FM radio and recorder
  • Super-fast USB 2.0
  • Built-in microphone for voice recording
  • 5-band custom equalizer and 4 presets (Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classical)
  • Displays ID3 tags for song title
  • Reversible LCD for left or right handed operation
  • Doubles up as USB storage device
  • Weight: 32grams without battery
  • Up to 15hrs of MP3 continuous play on 1 x AAA battery
I (rather my brother) have been using it for about 2 weeks without any grievances and is satisfied with it's sound quality and ease of using it's controls. It comes with an arm band so that you can easily put it on your arm while exercising, jogging, etc. Other contender for the 512MB MP3 player was Apple's iPod Shuffle! A little cheaper than TX FM, I would have gone for it but for these two short comings:
  1. Built-in rechargable battery and charger.
  2. without any additional accessory, only way to charge is to plug it in USB for about 4-5 hrs!
For 1, though a boon, rechargable batteries can live for only a limited number of charge-discharge cycles. And difficult, if not impossible, to get it replaced in India. And for 2, it restricts it's usage while you are constantly on move where you might not get opportunity to plug it in USB!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hitch: The Movie

Hitch, v: to hook or entangle. True to it's meaning, movie is about getting dates together (no points for guessing that right)! Alex Hitchens (starring Will Smith), the Date Doctor, secretly helps guys build courage/skills/situations to walk up to his date and propose her. The best part is his tricks are flawless. Only to find himself carried away by a gorgeous gossip columnist, Sara (Eva Mendes), where his skills fall short!

I would have only gone it next weekend, but for my generous friend who gave me 2 tickets of the preview show which she won in one of the contests. I would rate this movie as a good Romantic Comedy movie. At times you will want to laugh at the top of your voices just to express how hilarious a scene was and I really did it a couple of times! Guess what... I was *not* the only one. All gorgeous looking females ensure that you don't get your attention off the screen even for a minute. No vulgar comedy, and can be watched with your family! Packed with enough of comedy and sense, the movie is worth 2 hours of your time.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Visited New Shopping Mall: Pune Central

If you, unlike me, read newspapers regularly, you cannot miss the Central's 4 page separate supplement advertisement that came with Pune's Sunday Times Of India! Though I'm not a shopping freak, I decided to spend some time browsing through the store (along with and on insistence of my mommy and brother). I cannot say if it's the greatest store, but with 5 levels (4 + ground floor) and 3 tier basement parking I would say this is *just* too big a mall and worth a visit for any serious shopping freak. Central claims to have the largest collection of all major Indian and International brands under one single roof. While I visited it, one of the floors was still under construction. Located near Bundh Garden, Boat Club, and owned by Pantaloon Retail, Central is the third (or fourth) branch in the country, others being in Banglore & Hyderabad. So guys, spare some 3 hours (and that's minimum) and have a leisurely visit at this new store, you won't repent it! And hey, I forgot to add that it has Planet M music store, food joint and some more stuff that I might have missed!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Nevis Celebrates Second Anniversary!

Nevis Networks grew to be a 2 year old startup on 2nd April '05. We had a small celebration (of course it had to be small, we don' t want people to get into party mood and be that way for rest of the week, and yes, we want to save every possible penny we can ;-) )! Cutting the cakes, followed by snacks and then group photos. Here's my team. And if you are wondering why on earth am I holding my right hand back, then you guessed it right, I'm holding snacks which I am trying to hide ;-)

I'm resting my hands on Nikunj's shoulders, to his left is Archana followed by Sweta. And the taller of guys between Nik and Archie is Boney.