Thursday, September 01, 2005

Unfair: Whites as finding & Non-whites as looting

Why is it that white people are described as finding food!

While non-white people are described as looting food!
Why is it that Whites are said 'Finding' food and the other 'Looting' food. This is really disturbing, isn't it? Don't give me: 'because he's dragging BIG polythene he's looting'. His mates might be in bad shape and carrying food for all! GOD!

Help these brain-damaged morons who discriminate between whites and non-whites! What are the whites so proud of? Anyway, it's NOT their contribution that they are white!!!


TaurianLeo said...

Atul, I agree with you. Somewhere in a corner of their mind, these white people still have racism, especially the aged ones as they have lived in that era. (But, this doesn't mean that the young ones are clean.)
This really is disturbing and every such occurance should be criticised. I appreciate your efforts.

- Vivek

Rahul said...

Basically it is a crappy piece of news....Blunt and Senseless....if that was the case....why is the NOPD so corrupt