Friday, October 07, 2005

AJAX enabled Yahoo! mail

AJAX support to the classic Yahoo! mail and makes it a little more friendly.
This is all you get:
- Preview your messages without leaving your inbox
- Send back messages with a single click using
- Download any attachment with a single click

Anything that turns out to be economical in terms of clicks is MOST welcome to me!!!

You can get this sexy extension here: AJAX Yahoo! Mail (Viamatic Webmail++)

A snapshot of what you get out of this extension...
(Lookout for 'Instant Reply' link at right hand bottom corner and +/- sign near message header)

AJAX is new type web application architecture, check this out for more details.


Sheetal said...

it looks great...

Nakul said...

if u get smtime, check out the screenshots and reviews of new yahoo desktop mail.
that will kick gmail ass and this is nothing if compared to that :P

There has been a lot of applications using ajax, i posted some of them at some ajax apps

also, there is smthing ruby on rails, thats attractive too

Sheetal said...

long time no post?