Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WTF: all roads blocked!!!

I don't know who's responsible for this sh*t, but from what I know it's all 3 the RTO, PMC and contractor who's building that God-damned flyover on Ganeshkhind Road (aka University Road).

Those a$$h__les have completely messed up things. I don't know the exact blockages (it was declared sometime back in papers), but all major routes to and from univ area are blocked! Just blocked!!! Rest which are open are mostly made one-way! And the reason this is so bad is that it has caused major PITA to the regular commuters. They have blocked so many roads that reamining of the each and every damned of roads, traffic is jam-packed, even at 1701hrs in the evening!!! When I left office at 1901 hrs I had to drive through maddening traffic for 2+ hrs to cover the distance of 15 kms from my office to home-sweet-home :-(

Don't these a$$h__les have slightest idea what they have done? Don't they have something called as statistics of number of vehicles that will be diverted and does the dirverted routes have the bandwidth to accomodate them? The flyover construction has been a real PITA to all the people traversing that path on a daily basis, for a duration which is close to 3 years now!!! The SOBs are claiming they want to finish it off before monsoon starts! Balls! That, in my personal view, utter nonsense. This ain't Bombay that they will raise the flyover in span of 4-5 months!

If the nonsense continues, I think only option I have is to request my manager to allow me to work from home for at least 2 days a week (don't ask me what will I do if he refues, haven't thought of that yet :-( )

3 hrs of daily to and fro driving in Pune's !@$ked up maniacal crazy traffic is next to impossible. Pune is growing from worse to impossibly !@#$ing WORSE day by day! And I owe a nice little post on that too... been cooking up in my cranium since long! I guess it's due now.


Sagar Bhanagay said...

I agree! They've royally screwed the flyover related diversions...
U know something... 'Work from home' is a gd. point u've made. Was just talking to HR & she mentions it's a valid option availed by quite a few Nevisians in the recent past. Also, obviously those days aren't considered as 'leave'.

Sweta said...

Seems like u r too much bugged up!
i have a better solution to this -

either ask ur company to shift or u shift .... no need to travel that side ...
ha ha ha :D

Rituraj said...

Atul, in Chennai the traffic is amazing well regulated and roads are good - quite a contrast to Pune and The-horrible-bangalore.
I still fail to figure out why ppl choose bangalore ...it was a BIG challenge to cross road in front of BTM even at 8am or 2pm or 11pm !!!. And yes.....Pune is not that horrible but very very irritating.


TaurianLeo said...

Me and Barve are having fun here in California. Traffic is so good! No traffic Jams! :D. Actually, I purposely wait for some pedestrians and njoy *STOPPING*. You cant get this *Enjoyment* in India.
I know, main kisike zakhmon pe namak chidak raha hun. Njoy the *Lovely* traffic of Pune the best city of India.

Gaurav Roy said...

I dont know of a better way when the university chowk is under-construction.
You guys will have to just grit the teeth and get through for a few days.

The good thing about the new system is that all traffic flows in the same direction with no intersections, its a big loop from Wakad to FC road :).

I have been in that area quite a few times. Its become a lil wierd though when you dont know your way around. I wanted to go from Aundh (parihar chowk) to Baner (GreenPark) at 7-7.30 and I had to go to Bremen Circle - UNIV - FC road - SB Road - Pashan Road -AbhimaanShri to Baner. Interesting thing was that I did it in 20 mins, since all traffic was in same direction..

Atul maybe you should take the by-pass instead to Chandni Chowk to get to your place. Connect to the highway from Wakad, its a really pleasant ride at 100Kmph.

Its never as much fun to work from home as much it is in office, especially with our gang.

Gaurav Roy said...

Oh Atul, another great idea! Good company always helps. Ask Jaya to recruit some hot babe from Kothrud rarther than Work From Home.

Then, I am sure then you would hope it takes more than 2 hours one way ;).