Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Celebration in US

Reading the title of this post, you will react in one of the two ways, or even both:
0. Damn! I forgot to wish him? Many Many Happy returns of the day, Atul!
Response: Don't worry, it is never too late. And I'm not good with birthdates myself! So I understand your feelings :) Thanks for your be-lated wishes, in advance!

1. How old are you now?
Response: And to this I like to reply the way my Sensei, Master Meitatsu Yagi (i.e. my karate grand master), then 60+ yrs of age, used to reply: "I am n years YOUNG!" :)

As always, I usually am not very keen on celebrating my own birthdays. So, I did not do anything special on the birthday, but sit on my a$$ assaulting my keyboard.
But, the raccoons, i.e. friends from my department did come at the stroke of midnight with tons of enthusiasm, million dollar smiles and most important of all, a yummy chocolate cake!
Having fun! From My birthday in the year 2008

After extended photo session, I did the honors of cutting the cake. Then as a ritual, everybody put cake on my face, and then the legendary birthday bumps!

Do I look different? From My birthday in the year 2008

I would like to thank all of you who knowingly and unknowingly made me feel special, scrap'ed me on orkut, Wall'ed on FB, emailed me, sms'ed and called me up for a quick chat. Thanks everybody for your kinds words and wishes.

Compared to my first birthday here in US, this second birthday was much livelier. Have a peek at the album.


Transcending Reality said...

Belated wishes. Looks like you had lots of fun :)


Sagar Bhanagay said...

Cute :). NFA & Univ Utd. misses the annual ceremony they so eagerly used to look forward to... :)

Indrani said...

Hey Belated happy Birthday!!! :) :)