Friday, October 31, 2008

Presenting you revamped homepage

'An interview a day keeps you HELL busy and drained'!
And this is far from exaggeration. The statement perfectly reflects my state a week ago for 3-4 weeks then! Anyway, the reason I'm posting is... Long Long ago at the bottom of this post I had promised that I'll revamp my homepage.
And here you go... I have delivered to that promise.

I have been working on this for quite some time, putting in an hour every time I wanted a break from regular routine. It's been a tough yet pleasurable job to make it reasonably presentable and put in the right stuff. There are a lot of sections that needs work and are still under development, but there are a lot of things that should interest you nonetheless.

For maximum viewing pleasure, you should experiment changing the theme, font, font-size, etc. with buttons on the right hand of the webpage, but for most of you default should look good enough. Fonts on my system are not perfect, so the default doesn't look sexy enough on mine.

I appreciate your feedback and criticism, so don't hesitate to share it over this post or personally. BTW, I'm looking for good and cheap linux-based hosting service, I'm open to good recommendations. Ones that I know are
  1. VPSLink
  2. bluehost


Loquacious said...

"I am too economical in using any resource (except n/w bandwidth, I think)"......
This is the most funniest thing I found...

Anonymous said...

Serious Commentry:

I prefer bluehost for the following reasons (We have discussed this offline but just for benefit of others)
- Unlimited Space
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Support for almost all of the open Content Management Systems (I use drupal).
- WebDAV enabled drives which allows me to setup remote syncing for foxmarks and tomboy on Ubuntu.
- An excellent ControlPanel interface which gives complete control of website from one location.
- Secure Shell terminal access is available
- Good FTP access support.

And i have my domain registered with Yahoo! because of their reputation.

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Neatly done! Also I like the label - "Hot news" :)

Darth Chatri said...

I really liked the webpage design. Really nice. Just one suggestion - try to prevent vertical scrolling on any page as much as possible (unless its a big article or something).
Otherwise, its really well done. I would have asked you to give me the template, if it wasn't for my insistence that the site must be usable from 'links' or 'lynx' (yeah, well, text is still the most efficient).

Indrani said...


Halid Umar A M said...

Change this spelling in disclaimer:

"persmission" to "permission"


Siddharth said...

I am using vpslink for almost 8 months now. Its been good experience. No real downtime till date. (touch-wood) :)

The Shaolin said...

@Saggy, Darth, Indrani and Halid,
Thanks for your compliments!

@ Darth, I agree, but I prefer pure-text browsing only when I not looking
for multimedia rich content. I use pure-text for everything else. On browsing
I make an exception.

@Siddharth, thanks for your inputs.

Blogger said...

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