Monday, January 05, 2009

Reunion India

Last few weeks have been interestingly grueling! To start new year on a good note, I will save details on my 4-day trip from Pitt to Mumbai for the later post :)

The first feeling when my landing gear touched Indian grounds was that of 'belonging'. The feeling that I belong to this place and the country (despite its sh!ty d!_khead politicians) belongs to me. But hugs from my Mommy, Brother and Daddy stole the limelight. It was single most important thing, all the pains I endured in reaching India sublimed in an instant.

My Family, From album Reunion India

I have been on the move to different towns since I am back home, but I did get a chance to catch up with some old friends from Karishma. For they were the nearest. All I have been doing ever since I reached home is dental treatment (ouch!), travel, eat and sleep ;-) My brother is after my life to join him to the gym and cut down on carbs. But how can I resist mom-made yummy food stuff!

And yes, BTW...
Throughout 2009, may your life be filled with joyous celebrations
and may Lady Luck smile upon you!

0. Reunion India (more photos coming up)
1. Meeting Karishma Friends


Sagar Bhanagay said...

Cute :-). Will meet soon, buddy...

megha said...

Have a nice time back home and say hello to uncle, aunty and vaibhav!!!Enjoy

Pradeep said...

Sweet :)