Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treasure Trove

For all those who are wondering that my blog has turned into a bickering philosophical diatribe, here... KMA :-P

Very few people can understand the joy of digging through goodies your Mom-and-Pop sent you from across the world! Just 2 days back I got one such bag and I cannot describe the joy of digging into it, just like we did as kids when daddy used to come home every evening and we would rip open his suitcase to steal away anything new and exciting :) I'm just re-living that joyous moment :)

Most of things in the bag could be easily bought here, what is missing in thouse bought items is the love in making and sending it :) In addition to love and effort what is different in it is Mom's meticulous touch to packing, nice hand-written labels on each packet (so I don't mistake one thing for another), detailed and never-ending instructions on phone on how to mix-and-match-and-consume the yummy stuff, and tons of other niceties that she had been planning and collecting for over a month!

Since 2 days my Mom's been forcing me to open it all and see what's-what. I'm of the opinion that I don't want to open it up all at once and burst the bubble of surprise. It is more fun to keep digging through the trove and find a pearl every day :) That induces a more lasting empyrean joy!

Love you Mom and Pop! You are the best'est of the best! ~~~muah~~~

Note: Special thanks to Vishal's Mom for reserving one full bag just for me & getting it all the way from India to me :)


thusha v said...

very true atul sirji, the love and care shown by parents are really great, that is the one thing in life that makes us realise that we are worth for living. The love showered on us gives us strength to face any storm and thunder that is in path of our life. lucky are those who get this love and value them and the best thing in life ever could be the pampering by our friends parents, which in fact show's us that they trust us and feel that their son/daughter is secure with us. The trust of parents on a child make life living happier and happier even in troubles. :-)

Indrani said...

i don't quite know whether I should be happy or envious :P

Deepti said...

aaawww :) mommy mommy i want my mmoy now ! :)