Monday, October 22, 2007

In search of a perfect haircut

Cool Dudes, before they went on the quest for the perfect haircut...Much frustrated as they were with long hair and done with midterms, they wanted to feel light... relieved of _some_ burden... haircut was the salvage, or at least so they thought! Off they went hunting for the cheapest place to get the cut. Average rate is about $15 (plus $1 compulsory tip!) which is about $16 * 40 == 640/- INR!!! (Naah, I can't stop converting $$$s to INRs... and probably won't until I start earning some $$s).
WTF! Back home that is way beyond my yearly expense on grooming, even if I had a decent head massage after every cut, every once a month!!! After much hunting and calling places, we found a place which we suspected might be a tad cheaper. But to our dismay, it was shut. Damn! Businesses here shut down by 1601 hrs :(

Next day we came and voila! We walked in, $13 (+$1 tip)... savings of $2! Not bad, after all it was worth waiting! We had decided to have the shortest cut possible, only second to full moon!
Crew cut, was what these dudes settled for! And the result is in front of you:

Back in India, I bet all you buddies there are laughing your a$$e$ off at this, but no regrets! The cut makes me feel so light headed :D
Photo Credits: Atul/Vish
Equipment: Sony W700i


Amit Shah said...

Haha! Isse achcha dono ne ek dusre ke baal kaatne chahiye the!

Sweta said...

waah kya haircut hai!!! send ur profile to navin pathak and ranveer. they will definitely cast u in their next movie [:)]

Amit Walambe said...

Thank heavens you are not in UK, £12 amounts to 960 INR! :)
- Amit

piyush said...

hey dude u look really gr8....ya.reminds me offff saif in omkara....hmmmmmmm

Sheetal said...

this is terrible haircut and i can't stop laughing :) :) sorry :) i agree with amit.. you can think of cutting each other's hair :) that would be better than this i guess :)

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Lol!!! Well, If this was the haircut to be had, then why visit the barber at all? I'm sure u two could have done that to each other ;)

ritu said...

now u guys look like my do anmol ratan :D

exodus said...

hey ! theres a guy at murray and philips for 10 bucks :) should have asked me bro