Thursday, August 04, 2011

Better Way To Live?

Most of you know that I'm a potpourri of random thoughts and epiphanies.  What? You didn't! Well...Well...Well! _Now_ you know! :)
So here's one from my bag of random thoughts...
Random Thought #29 (contrary to the theme, the number 29 itself, btw, is not random):
I often yearn for the much awaited weekends, times of week when I can do whatever (ok, _almost_ whatever) I want to do.  Of course, within the realms of other duties like weekly chores of cleaning, washing clothes, catching up with buddies, etc.
But the most importantly, I get some time for myself and do things that don't have a direct calculated invest-and-returns benefits, I can do things that just make be feel happy, no strings attached.  From what I know, a lot of us mortals yearn for that.  At least a lot of mortals that I know do.  Which makes me wonder if there HAS to exist a better way to live than just yearn for those 2 coveted days of a 7-day week!  There ought to be!
It seems so hand-to-mouth existence:
Solving only immediate or maybe near-future problems.  The smarter amongst us anticipates future problems and acts proactively.  But still, most of our time goes in either yearning for something too distant in the future (this is slightly different than dreaming).  Or we are working just too hard to earn our daily breads and ensure enough provisional safety net for the rainy days.
I am not particularly unhappy, neither do I keep yearning for weekends every day of the week, but today's life style (if it can be called one! and I doubt it could!) in my opinion begs this question: Is there a better to live other than to (however occasionally) yearn for the weekends?  I know there is one, but don't know anything beyond that.  Or is it just in human nature to yearn!
What's your secret?  Care to share?

Seed for thought:  Just came to me while replying a friend's email who insisted on looking up to the weekend.

p.s.: Live every moment as it if it were your last, is total rat-crap and I don't buy it!  Living in the present, is slightly palatable form, though.  But that's a matter for totally different post(s), or is it!


Darth Chatri said...

If you yearn for the weekends, you probably need to change what you are doing through the week.

The Shaolin said...

Well, it's not that black-and-white! It is only an occasional feeling which makes tipping decision in one direction or other difficult.