Thursday, December 16, 2004

Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown

This is one of those few novels where you cannot conclude if its fiction or fact! You never grasp where the facts end and author's fiction/conclusions start. Facts and imagination are interwoven so beautifully! The first (and the only one) novel I read of this type is "The Seventh Secret, by Irving Wallace", which explored to depth the possibility that Hitler never committed suicide but escaped before the allied forces stormed into his bunker. After reading Da Vinci Code you are bound to doubt the very foundations and basis of modern Christianity. The novel is about (well, don't worry, no spoilers! I won't reveal any suspense) deliberate anomalies/oddities in Da Vinci's paintings wanting to tell it's viewer something, giving you premises to doubt the very claims of modern Christianity. The story is set in Paris where symbologist, Robert Langdon, comes under policemen's eye as a prime suspect in murder of museum's curator. Fighting against all the odds, studying and deciphering the hidden hints in paintings, carvings and anagrams Robert vows to uncover the murderer, a quest that will lead him to the deadliest and most closely guarded secrets of history!!! There's no looking back once he steps in! Whether you love Arts, History, Suspense, Thriller, Drama, Action OR Secret Cults ... this novel is going to race your pulses!!! In fact if this novel doesn't get your beats rising, you better get your medical checkup done, :-) LOL! This novel has definitely made into my Top 20s list!

Moral: This novel is a MUST READ!
What next? Well, I wanted to read The Glass Bead Game, by Herman Hesse(genre Spiritual), but couldn't manage to borrow it from my buddy in time. So started with Sidney Sheldon's "The Best Laid Plans". Review on that will follow soon.

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