Monday, December 13, 2004

Migratory Birds @ Bhigwan and Matoba

Had been to Bird Watching outing this Sunday, along with a group called InSearch.
Every year, from September through Feburary, Pune and it's surrounding wetlands give home to a number of migratory birds. These birds travel thousands of kilometers (many of them non-stop!!!) to escape the inclement conditions of Europe, Northern Asia and Himalayas.

Bhigwan: Situated about 100km from Pune, the waters of Ujani dam provides a healthy habitat attracting Ducks, Pochards, Storks, Sea Gulls, Marsh Harrier, Herons, etc.
Not to forget, if you get lucky you can glimpse at Flamingoes too!

Matoba: Is a big lake situated about 50km from Pune. You get to see plenty of Brahminy Ducks and Shovellers here.

To share the fun with you, I've posted a few snaps, you can have a look at them.

1. Heron in Flight:

2. Another Heron in flight

3. Closeup of a Pond Heron

4. A bird that we caught a glimpse from bus

5. A Fleet of Flamingoes
Man, you should look them with binoculars, they look AMAZING!
We could only see a fleet of hundreds of them flying past us a few times.

Most of the birds @ Matoba weren't big enough to capture in my camera with zoom of 6x, hence you no birds from Matoba lake.

6. Wonderful Sunset

7. Pink Flower

Photo Credits:
1 through 6 myself, Atul Talesara
7 My buddy, Harpreet Saluja.
Equipment: Fuji FinePix S3000
Mode: All photos taken at AutoFocus setting.
Note: I've cropped all the photos and reduced the resolution to post them on blog. Please contact me in case you want the higher resolution images.

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