Monday, June 13, 2005

Coming soon

Upcoming posts...
I don't have time right away... but am EAGERLY looking ahead for a few posts as soon as I have some time:
1. Review on Detective by Authur Hailey
2. Review on Godfather by Mario Puzo
3. Review Deception Point by Dan Brown
4. Movie 'Kaal' busted!
5. Movie Review Mr. and Mrs. Smith

If you are too curious, go for 1, 2 and 3. Don't EVER go for 4. And 5. is average.


Sheetal said...

4 is good infact :) and i am sure 3 will be good which is in my to read list :)

Ashish Borkar said...

2 is superb. I really liked it.
Just finished reading it last month.
The powerful quote of Don Corleone "I'm gonna make him an offer he cant resist"
truly holds well throughout the book !!!!!
I think Factory's "Sarkar" starring Amitabh is based on it.
A must read.