Friday, June 10, 2005

If Software Developers built houses

If you, like me, believe that Software Engg. is one of the MOST undisciplined streams/industries/sciences, then this article is worth reading: A house designed by bad software developers It is interesting so see how much of a crime some applications perpetrate isn't obvious until you apply THE SAME Logic to everyday things, like the design of a house. I especially love the entrance part! I bet it's worth reading the article!!!
BTW, if you read IEEE's Computer, it hosted an article titled 'A Tale of Three Disciplines' comparing Circuit Engineering., Genetic
Engineering, and Software Engineering!
(P.S. mail me off the post if you are interested in the article)


BlogyDogy said...

Hey Atul, I'd be interested in the article. Send it across to me at

Sheetal said...

nice article :)