Monday, December 12, 2005

What a hectic weekend

The whole of last week was hellishly hectic: Office work (as usual) lots and lots and lots and lots of marriages/social functions/guests! Phew! Every morning I felt drained off energy. But come Sunday and I played football, of course, enjoyed the game.

What's more interesting is that we had company basketball tournament. I am not good at basketball and hardly played a full game. But on insistence of my mates
(and more out of the fact that we didn't many players) I agreed to play. And guess what!!!! We won (12-7) against SEED Infotech! This was our first match, where none of us practiced and we won it! Isn't it amazing!

Our opponents were physically very well built and they had better skills compared to our team. But I took them on our defensive strength! They were leading intially (4-0) but once we reorganized and devised stratergy, we gained ground. Siddarth, Amit Kane, Amit Singh & Ravi did amazing job of taking care of scoring! Myself, Barve, Sagar, Shrirang were playing defensive for most of the game. Siddarth with his composed temperament slowed down the game whenever he sensed our team was rushing, the 2 Amits and Ravi made good moves and Sid passed on the ball to them whenever appropriate. It was fun playing basketball, even though at the end of the day every muscle was aching.

With MEGA-GRAND Party tonite, half of Nevis' gang is out at the party lawn already rehearsing for the grand finale! I am feeling VERY bored to work alone here. So plan to pack up and reach the venue a little early!

Will post pics if I manage to get some good ones!

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Sheetal said...

cool :) so you have discovered one more hidden skill :) now i think u might want to practice basket ball along with football :)