Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation Time & Movie Reviews

As promised, Nevis did give us a 5 days *compulsory* holiday. I'm finding it a little tougher than I thought to sit at home. But nothing thay I'm not enjoying... I'm my own boss... No inhuman deadlines... No one to command what should I do... I do what I feel like doing... Anyway, I would have liked to go for some wildlife camp like last year, but then had to push it to next year. Though at home, I still spend 90% of my waking time on my computer. GOD! Am so addicted to it, I cannot imagine life without it. That's so bad! I got to do something about it. Something to interest you...
I watched a lot of movies lately and these are the only ones worth talking about: Aeon Flux, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children & Teesri Manzil.

Aeon Flux: A Sci-Fi dated 400 years in future... A disease has wiped out the whole of human race, except a few, protected by a congress of scientists inside a walled city. When Aeon (Charlize Theron) is sent on a mission to kill top government leader, she uncovers secrets that shakes her to the core! I won't reveal the plot, but believe me, it's amazing movie for it reveals what would happen if scientists take the charge of mother nature in their hands! Though it didn't do well at Box Office, I would recommend this movie for it's plot and Italian Job babe Charlize Theron!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
The moment I was Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, I vouched that I *would* see it's sequel, Advent Children. If you are anime fanatic, or love Computer Graphics (CG) Animation, this is MUST-SEE movie! And even if you don't understand any of above terms I strongly urge you to see this movie. It was real pain to get this title, but it was definitely more than worth it! I couldn't grasp the whole plot, for I got hold of Japanese version with Eng subtitles. But the animation just blew my minds! And I bet it would do the same to you.

Do see the trailer before you shun down this review as 'yet-another- movie' recommendation from a movie buff. Click here for tailers.
To know more about Final Fantasy, click here.

Teesri Manzil:
For people who love old movies, they might have already seem this and loved it, for this was the greatest musical hit ever from Bollywood. With M.Rafi singing, this doesn't come as surprise. For first time in some many months have I seen a bollywood that has a plot, actresses actually act, rather than just flaunting their seemily glamarous bodies, actresses actually wear some clothes, actors deliver dialogues and above all, songs that have meaning, songs that actually flow with the movie, songs that have soothing music, and songs that are entierly directed in one place, with just one set of clothes! It's a near-perfect blend of mystery, humor, romance and music.
IMDB rating of 9.2/10 speaks by itself of this Romantic Musical Thriller!!!

Apart from pounding on my keyboard and staring point-blank towards monitor, I manage to play Table Tennis a bit and gossip with friends, read Blink and read some techie stuff.

Wish all you buddies
A Very Happy & A Prosperous New Year!

Here's my comp's screenshot!

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