Monday, February 27, 2006

Great Dinner Party

Yesterday, we had a great dinner party @ colleague's place. Occasion??? Well, her hubby had just returned from Japan and so hubby-chubby wanted to celebrate their reunion by inviting all of us for dinner. The food was just great, tasty & yummy! Especially the 'Methi Malai Mutter' (MMM), I'm still licking my fingers. With such a good preparation, she has spoilt me, now on, I wouldn't like MMM at any hotel! BTW, I have another colleague who too is great at kitchen, and her specialty is exotic finger-licking 'Raitas' She adds all vegetables that I've never heard of being added to Raita, and behold, it always tastes great. I hardly dare to taste one at hotels now, for I know it can't beat her preparation. (in layman's terms, Raita is mixture of curd & vegetables, in a variety of ways). After lots of desserts, we had Ice-cream with honey with Almond toppings! And to top it off, we all sat leisurely chatting about all topics under the sun for long enough, until it dawned upon us that it's just Monday and we all have to go to office tomorrow! We were so carried away, that none of us realized that we should catpure some of these moments in the camera. By end, I had eaten so much, that I can bet my center of gravity shifted big time!

Wish I too were proficient at cooking, then I too could show off my cooking skills!!!

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Sheetal said...

i can give u suggetion for MMM :) do something that sweta's husband would be travelling a lot :) and ask her to prepare MMM :) for every reunion :D :) keep enjoying :)