Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Hah! This was a pleasant weekend, for most it's part.
Saturday I managed to check in all my code and go home happily. I got a call from office some time late in the evening that things were not working and my check-in was a suspect (OOppss come to office to fix it immediately???). I asked them to try out a thing and didn't get a call again. The strong feeling that I might have to come to office on Sunday to fix this soon faded! Thank GOD, I didn't have to!

Sunday football session was fun. We played U2 (i.e. univ united) versus ROG (rest of the gang, which mainly comprised of Infy ppl). ROG had good forwards and with our forwards out of stamina pretty soon they thrashed us, I guess 5-2. I was the marked man on ground this Sunday. Started with the ball coming full force and attacking my future. Good that my hand came in between miraculously and slowed down the ball. But it still hurt bad and was out of play in gruelling pain for 5 minutes. Back on ground, my ankle was attacked, good that the stud missed my ankle and hit the heels instead. And last, I was reaching for the ball, sprinting and the opponent pushed me *hard* BANG! I went down, couple of scratches on my right leg. Not very nasty though, but enough pain to not let me sleep on my right side, for a week I guess. I don't care much about external wounds, for it's easy to gauge it's seriousness and treat accordingly. I might have to give away jeans for a week as well. But it is internal injuries that I'm more worried about. Lot of good players have been off-field for such internal injuries. And since my knee is paining a little, the thought of being out of play due to injury send chills through my spine.

As I felt for long time now, old U2 buddies conceded that the play has changed significantly. In the good old days, game was played with definite strategy. These days everyone plays for glory, individual game, tackling too much. This results into too many man-to-man collisions, too much chaos, too much confusion and not to mention increased chances of injuries. I hardly remember seeing old-timers dribble the ball so much. And for that matter, they passed the ball first time they see their player. Not admonishing anyone in particular, just a matter of style, and I prefer the older one!


John Vesia said...

Hey Shaolin...

Thanks for your reply. I see martial artists aren't the only ones who get bruised-up! Watch those injuries.


Vaarun said...

It looks like this is more than a shaolin's blog. Its a Shaolin Footballer's blog. I get the feeling that its the opponents that need to be worried about injuries.. yauuuuuuaaaa!
Hey, I wanted to congratulate you for a superb blog(s), and like I told you on the messenger, im a regular visitor here.