Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lord of War: Movie Review

Lord of War: Some time back I managed to watch this fantastic movie. And was just thrilled! This is not like most Hollywood flick with lots of actions or chicks. It's a completely out-of-the-band movie, very unconventional. And only a handful few would like and would be able to appreciate it.

The screen is completely ruled by Nicholas Cage. With movies like Con Air, Face Off & National Treasure under his belt, it shouldn't be surprising that his acting and cast is par excellence in this movie as well.

Based on actual events, this is an ordeal that Uri Orlov (Nicholas), a Soviet immigrant, goes through to become the most dreaded arms dealer. Starting off small, he eventually starts selling off stockpiled arsenal of post-Cold War Ukraine to many, but most notably to the eternally sadistic African dictator: Andre. While on business tour, he falls in love with beautiful women: Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan), whose heart he eventually wins & marries her.

Uri starts living a good citizen, moving away from his dreaded business of arms smuggling. Everything is perfect in his world...

But past has returned to haunt him: Andre! Problems compound when his brother (also his partner) gets addicted to cocaine.

This riveting journey through 3 decades of global carnage, you are mesmerised by Nicholas' magnetism which gradually changes polarity. By the end of movie, you find yourself in ruthless moral dilemma, at one point you really go mad seeing how circumstances force you into something you don't want to go into!!! To top it off all, constantly running commentary plays a magnificent role in making move more fun and filling in all gaps that action/dialogues can't.
I rate it at 8/10.

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Vaarun said...

Yeah man, superb movie. I like the starting line by Cage.. "There are 600 million illegal arms floating around in the world today.. meaning one for every 10 men. The question is.. How do I get arms to the remaining nine".
The ending has a political sting to it too.. and the movie has a strong message. I agree with you, its a very good movie.