Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, last week was fun, for most part of it!

Started with Wed 0.00 hrs, our group went to buddy's house to wish him Happy Birthday. It was a pleasant surprise for him. I had taken my handycam and managed to record every moment out there. It's sooooo much fun to watch it over and over again! The birthday boy was a little shy in front of the camera, and it only that thrilled me even more to shoot him. After blowing the candles, we bathed him in cake and cream! After eating some (which we managed to salvage) we headed home.

Come morning and my mates insisted that I come downstairs and play holi. Incessant calls with my bro constantly pusuing me to play, I still refused to budge. My mom stepped in and switched off my PC, point blank!!! I conceded and thought of going to play holi.

I used to play holi like a maniac when I was a kid and used to stay in mumbai. Ever since I have come to Pune, I only played holi once in hostel, and that was 6+ years back! Seeing me downstairs, everyone was thrilled and I felt very nice.

Colours, water filled balloons, mud, water... everything just kept flying, hitting me once in a while! Since we were to play only with colors provided by our society cultural committee, I wasn't worried about allergic reactions. But the greatest fun was playing in mud. We created a BIG puddle and every once a while we dragged someone in (me included) and poured a bucketful of mud mixed with water!!! It was so much fun that I vouched I would never ever miss playing holi in future.

Though physically exhausted at the end, I was mentally rejuvenated. Thanks to my Mom, bro and mates who were adamant that I should play!

Sunday, of course, football. Then I went to a small lunch party at my mate's place (Boney). His mom is an excellent cook and his lunch box is always the central topic of discussion in lunch room at office. Boney's mom was more than a warm host.

We had Pasta, Singaporean noodles, some Bengali dessert, roti, vegetables and some snacks. What's so special about her cooking is that she manages to cook everything with absolutely no or little, without compromising on food quality and taste. And this was the primary reason this party was organized. Female colleagues were eager to learn the technique (though, only one of them managed turned up in time!!!). I can't forget the taste!!!

Post lunch, we played carrom. Everyone of us out there were playing after LONG time and so everyone's unique style (read mistakes) entertained us throughout the game. We kept cheering and commenting at the top of our voices, as if there's no tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see some of our Nevis colleagues in the snaps.

Have fun :)