Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smile can do miracles!

Yeah, this is nothing new, nor is it rocket science, we have been reading(???) this probably since childhood that smile can do wonders, but just wanted to add personal account here!

The other day I was returning home, pretty much enervated after extended office hours, and getting agitated in such a condition is not unusual. As soon as my signal went green at one of the crossings, I was about to speed up and there I see vehicles already stuck. Not another traffic jam, I groaned. I could see no apparent blockage. In an instant I saw a bike's tyre, and realized that some dumb a$$ broke his signal and caused jam for the rest of us. I was so infuriated, but the moment I saw the rider's 'smiling' face, my anger sublimed in thin air!!! Smile, genuine and an admission of the fact 'Yes, I committed a blunder, but please excuse me' made me swallow all my anger. And I smiled too! This happens to us all the times, people pushing in trains, crowd, queue, etc. Ever wondered why we forgive some of them while curse others? That genuine smile. Smile is one little curve that can set lot of things straight! (Yeah, of course, I don't deny that pretty faces are one of the reasons too).

But mind you, if you screw someone (your friend, family members, or boss) and *try* to smile you are in deep s@%t! Remember that only when this smile comes from heart, can you really be sure it won't let you down. Ever wondered WHY small kids get away with all pranks and mischief they do, lesser of because they are immature, but more of because they perpetually wear that humble innocent genuine smile on their sweek little faces! Whatever happened to humanity, the elder we grow the lesser we smile!

And almost everyone of us have this innate ability to distinguish genuine smile from the pretended ones. So, if you apply for a vacation and pretend to give a matter-of-fact smile when your boss asks why, he will out rightly reject your vacation (not only that, but cancels all your future leaves too). Don't come pointing to me 'Hey Atul, you said Smile Works miracles, where is that miracle when I need it???'

Always wear a smile, not because life is full of reasons to smile but because your smile itself is reason for many others to smile!
(Note: Trying this on strangers, esp. females, might reap unexpected reactions!)

A little about weekend, it was, as I like to call, packed with action. Saturday was filled with clearing backlog of personal work and little household chores, that I had keep accumulating for a fortnight now. Bought some interesting books:
- The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman
- A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson
- The Google Story, David Vise
Not started any of them as currently I'm reading Ignited Minds- Unleasing the Power Within India, penned by the most revered President in Indian history, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

Sunday, started with football. WOW! Though it was a short game (6 vs 5 players), the game was JUST fun, esp. after long break due to ongoing inter-IT football tournaments. Short games are fun just for one reason: people don't tend to play individual games, they make spaces and pass a lot, otherwise you can't score a goal, whose posts are just 5-6 feet apart. We played on and on until everyone was dead tired and didn't have any energy left to move a muscle & kick the ball. Rest of Sunday was peaceful. Watched Shrek. Unlike what you might think, it's only kids-only cartoon. It's an awesome animation movie. The characters are amazing, expression are so great that it will give a run to best of the actors and the emotions so genuine! I bet you will like this old animated movie.


Sheetal said...

---> (Note: Trying this on strangers, esp. females, might reap unexpected reactions!)

HAhaha :) its true for males* as well
*conditions apply :)

by the way was it learning from experience ;-)

Sheetal said...

And did u watch ice-age 2? Another amazing animated movie :)

The Shaolin said...

>> (Note: Trying this on strangers, esp. females, might reap unexpected reactions!)

> HAhaha :) its true for males* as well
*conditions apply :)

> by the way was it learning from experience ;-)

Wish it were 'learning from experience' :-(

And did u watch ice-age 2?
Of course I did!!! Amazing movie. I even watched Finding Nemo recently and LOVED it soooooooo much!

Siege Perilous said...

nice write up on Smile and its effects in diff. conditions !! [:)]
Good one !!

Indrani said...

Nice attempt to make people smile :) :D