Sunday, May 07, 2006

What a wonderful morning it is!

After so many days of scorching heat, today there's no trace of sun when I get up look out of my balcony this morning! Cool breeze, cloudy sky and chirping of morning birds! What else do you need to go for an outing! Looks like it will rain anytime now. Wish I had someone to go out with this morning [.. sigh * 1000 ...] I would have bunked office today, I swear!!!

All my buddies are either busy with exams or are late risers. It's only 0731 hrs and I'm already on my way to office. With Fanna's title song (thanks to samy) and amazing instrumental, A Whisper Across the Sand (track: I Saw Her) roads almost empty, no signals, no typical Puneri drivers around, for the first time after so many days I wasn't weary about driving to office. (It is very unusual for me to like any present day songs, for most of them are composed of noise and potpourri of meaningless stupid words. But Fanna's title song defies this.)

Beautiful Mother Nature is calling me to join her in this celebration, but here I'm, sitting, stupefied, my a$$ stuck to office chair, furiously typing at the keyboard, trying HARD to get some work done. Wish your morning is NOT as boring as mine!


Siege Perilous said...

U welcome Boss !!

and there are always some exceptional songs in new genre too !!
Heard RDB? Gr8 Album and AR's best, one can say !!

Sheetal said...

Not all new songs are that bad :) btw i don't count himesh reshmiya kind of stuff in songs ;-) :)