Thursday, July 13, 2006

Head over Heels

Until recent, my dream car was (err.. still is) Honda Accord. And no other car (let me specify in my country, India) has caught my fancy. But that's about to change...

Curvaceous, sexy and just unbetable by any other car in its league (don't compare it with Toyota Camry, it falls in the league of Accord), she really got me head over heels! Cheaper than Accord and costlier than Honda City, I think Civic will definitely reach new heights of engineering excellence.

It wasn't until I researched about it a little that I place it side-by-side to an Accord now!!!
At the heart is 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC engine delivering the performance (torque) of a 2L engine with fuel efficiency of a 1.5L engine. iVTEC is featured only in higher end Honda City models. But is the only option in Civic.

Wonderful gear shifting ensures minimum movement while changing gears, giving that 'racer-car' feeling. With Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel, dashboard loaded with multi-function display, gives you a feeling you are in a plane's cockpit, aptly termed as 'Advanced cockpit design' And I missed the F1-style paddle shift option. Shift lever to S option and you can now control the gear changes with paddles at the back of the steering wheel (see the 2 vertical arrows), just like F1!!! Ain't it cool!

Just above the steering you get an unprecedented amount of information. Integrated Design Instrument Panel ensures you have all controls at your finger tips.

Got to see this interactive Flash demo to understand the gravity of her beauty:

You put this engineering marvels together, rotate the magic wand and Woosh! There you get a Honda Civic!!!

Finally got a motivation to work even harder!!!
Note: Honda paid me no money in producing this post. This post doesn't do justice to Civic she deserves. I'll keep updating this. Come back to read more!


Praveen said...

An Accord is an Accord! Accord Rulez come wat may!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot to mention F1 style paddle shift, that puts civic in a different class.

Sheetal said...

this is amazing :) but too costly :( :(

Anonymous said...

15 days back, I bought Accord, after long research and comparision with several other cars and even with Civic too.

The looks are really wonderful. Its really Zippy and nice car. And, to be honest after the test drive, my and my Sweetheart's hearts were set on New Civic.

But, it is too expensive. And, when you compare it with Accord, it is not apple to apple comparision. Accord is really a different car all togather. The space and the comfort is really wonderful.

After lots of negotiation, I got my Accord SE for atleast $300 lesser than Civic EX. If just for looks one wants to spend $1500 or $2000, its a different story.

The Shaolin said...

@Anonymous, wish you had left your name/contact...
I definitely second you that Accord and Civic are NOT in the same league. Though I haven't driven either.
But AFAIK, Accord here in India is COSTLIER than Civic. Only 2 models of Civic (Manual & Automatic Transmission) are available here.

Anonymous said...

It's Anonymous again :-),
I know, in India, Accord is much costlier. The same thing is true almost globally. But, because of popularity of new Civic, there is no incentive or rebates on Civic. On top, delears adds premium too, thus it is really expensive choice :-).


The Shaolin said...

Thanks for reading and replying to my comment Mr. Anonymous :-)
Yeah, popularity... demand vs supply, etc. plays a significant role. As of today, market for premium cars is not so hot here. Rebates is one model that no trader in India adopts.
For completeness, just yesterday I checked with Honda dealer, and Accord is indeed much costlier than Civic. And I think will continue to stay so for quite some time!
BTW, how's your Accord doing? Any reviews you would want to share, I'm all ears!

Suhas said...

Honda Civic is around 11-12L. Nice car ... and I think first time honda has same version i.e in india and that is in US. Many times it is found that, the power/interiors/exteriors are changed for cost ( to sell the model in india ) ( Including marc. bmw etc )
I think the civic is competitor for Toyata Carrolla ....

Anonymous said...

Its Amazing! U should ask someone who already owns one. I can tell u its amazing