Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Insat-4C fails, Agni III fails & now serial blasts in Mumbai

Key Indian satellite, Insat-4C, launch fails, then Agni-III missile test fails (link2). And now Serial blasts petrifies Mumbai!!! WTF is going on! Born and brought up in Mumbai, I know what it means to be living in the wake of the infamously famous 1993 Serial blasts in Mumbai. The haunting memories of curfew and everything coming to a grinding halt, we the youngsters throughout the locality of tens of societies, keeping awake round the clock to ensure no rowdys enter the society and create a raucous & hurt loved-n-dear ones. GOD! Looks like those day will grip Mumbai once again :-( And the worst part of all of these is that all those who died, are innocent people who had nothing to do with day-to-day politics! Pray that HIS grace bring peace to the deceased and his family. Once again Indian intelligence fails, that too miserably!

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Sheetal said...

yeah.. this is something very sad ... :(