Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nevis Picnic, finally!!!

So finally, after LOT of, hmm... I don't know what, we finally went for a one day outing from Nevis. This just the second BIG outing from Nevis in 3+ yrs or so!!!On a short, 3 days, notice so many of the employees couldn't manage: reasons vary from their spouses couldn't get a leave, they already had make plans which can't be changed, to plain retaliation against this kind of short notice. The spot was Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala.

The place has GREAT scenic beauty, but the resort by itself SUCKS big time! To start with the prices are astronomical (1500/- per head!), and this only includes your breakfast, lunch & snacks. You have to shell out additional 350/- if you want to swim in this damn pool!

I'm not even talking about other facilities like spa or something!!! Single bottle of cold-drink worth Rs.15/- was given to us at the rate of Rs.35-40!!! Plus, the way from main road to resort is nothing less than driving through rocks! You can't dare getting your vehicle up there! So, these !@#$ers charge you 150/- per head to transport you up to the resort. Climbing 4-5 kms patch is not tough on foot, but for people with small kids that was out of question.

Grievances aside, once in we had a ball! This is while climbing up the way to resort

(photo credit: Manish. L-R: Boney, Sweta, myself, Kaushik, Sachin & Kiran)
Here you see wonderful mountain right from where I was having breakfast!

Beautiful little fish in bowl besides my table.

While exploring the place around, we spotted three monkeys mimicking Gandhji's: Talk no evil, See no evil, hear no evil! (L-R: myself, Sachin, Manish)

(photo credit: Sweta. L-R: myself, Sachin & Manish)

We trekked around the resort for good 2-3 hours, then played football, TT and antakshari. While trekking, all my buddies were quite tolerant of my photography experiments. Here you see me trying my hand at macro photography: this little caterpillar

You can see the whole of album on my webshots page.

[1] http://good-times.webshots.com/album/554541180rFYjvF
[2] http://www.upperdeckresort.com/contact.htm
Photo credits: Myself (Fuji FinePix S3000), except where noted.

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Sheetal said...

nice place (scenary wise :) ) and nice photos :)