Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Disable automatic install of IE 7

If you have a windows system, you are likely to do a regular 'Windows Update' to apply all the critical high priority patches, without which it's likely some hacker or a nasty worm would easliy @!#$ your system. How would you feel that while doing so, M$ just installed one of it's crapiest pieces of nonsense on your system: Internet Explorer, IE7!!! Yes, you are going to be taken by surprise when they find out that IE 7 is going to be installed as a high-priority update automatically via Windows Update. A serious issue for security driven sys admins!!!

What scares me is that the day is not far when M$ will even go a step further and uninstall Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, GoogleDesktop, etc!!! Man, they have just came a step closer to it!

Here's the detailed post on this issue via IntelliAdmin: Disable automatic install of IE 7.
Quicklink, there's also a tool provided by M$ to disable this shit.

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