Monday, December 04, 2006

Vacation to Far East: Itinerary

In continuation to my earlier post: Vacation to Far East: Avoid Travel Agencies! which grew too long to include detailed intnerary...

Here's my detailed itinerary. I've included hotel names, you can use them for reference when you plan your own trip. Most of the hotels were good, except where noted.

Day 0 27-Oct-06
  • Assemble at Sahar International Airport

Day 1 28-Oct-06
  • Arrive at Kuala Lumpur Air port
  • Crash into hotel "First World" at Genting High Land
  • Outdoor Theme Park at Genting

Day 2 29-Oct-06
  • Arrive in Kuala Lumpur
  • Hotel Grand Continental

Day 3 30-Oct-06 (still in Kuala Lumpur)
  • Half Day City Tour (Man, we missed going on top of Petronas Tower, it's closed for visitors on Mondays)
  • Train to Singapore, at night

Day 4 31-Oct-06
  • Arrive in Singapore in early morning at Hotel "Windsor"
  • Shopping the whole day!

Day 5 01-Nov-06
  • Half Day City Tour
  • Sunset Sentosa: Sentosa Island (one of the sexiest place out there!)

Day 6 02-Nov-06
  • Board the flight to Bangkok
  • Drive to Pattaya, hotel Beverly Plaza (this wasn't a great hotel)
  • Alkazar Show

Day 7 03-Nov-06
  • Coral Island Tour: Another SEXY place!

Day 8 04-Nov-06
  • Drive to Bangkok hotel "Bangkok Palace" (Baiyoke Sky Hotel is much better, but we didn't get a room there)

Day 9 05-Nov-06

Day 10 06-Nov-06
  • Half Day City Tour

Day 11 07-Nov-06
  • Shopping
  • Alas!!!! Flight back to Mumbai


Anonymous said...

where are the pics buddy?


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