Sunday, March 04, 2007

Holi: The festival of hundred colours!

It was only last year, after almost 4-5 years, on insistence of my family and friends that I played holi, the Festival of Colours (which takes place on Phalgun Purnima or Pooranmashi, Full Moon). This year too, friends were insistent that I come over and play. This time it was on Sunday! In the morning I had an amazing football session, and it was SO much more fun as last week I couldn't go for the game. Missing 1 week implies 14 days without football!!! And that's REAL bad, for me. I was not very eager to play holi after tiresome game. But as soon as I returned from the game, I changed and ran downstairs to celebrate.

It was real fun: all organic colours, and mud!!! Nothing that's too harsh on your skins. We had made a nice BIG puddle in the lawn where everyone had to pay a visit, either by choice or get forcefully dragged. Once you are made to lie down in there, you are expected to be there till people splash mud and colours on you to their heart's content. Should you get up before that, you are forced down again!!! And you have to have multiple rounds of this kind :-)

With loud music playing, tea, thandai and chocolates served, the environment was really charged up in the society lawn. After the holi session, all of us retired to have a bath (and wash clothes, my jeans had at the lest 2-3 kg of mud! My maid would run away if I made her wash that!) Then at 1401 hrs we went to have lunch, at Up and Above. The place was stinking as if we were sitting inside a wash room, and food wasn't great either :-( Too tired to move out, we had lunch there itself.

Back at Karishma we had orgasmic Bitter Chocolate Thick Shake, CadB, as it is famously called. After having a short(???) nap, we played TT and then had some cold coffee before signing off the day! This Sunday was a real routine breaker!

L-R: Moti (Richa), Kiddo (Mithila), myself, Snehata, Baboo (Aarti), Dentist (Vaibhav) & Gunnu (Anusha). Yes, everyone's expected to look as if they just ran off the stage while performing a horror scene!

Wishing all my friends a Very Very Happy Holi, and may this festival of colour make your life only more colourful. Esp. to my buddies, who are not here in India to enjoy this wonderful festival!

Photo credits: Arpita, Kiddo's younger sibling, with Fuji FinePix A345


Tarun said...

Its looks more like thousand shades of gray

The Shaolin said...

Yes, because there is a ton of mud on all of us!!!

Rachana said...

Thanks dude & belated happy holi to u also..n esp for the last msg in ur this blog..
really ws missing holi this time like nything here..
but still played here dry holi..[:)]