Sunday, March 11, 2007

Regatta at COEP boatclub

Staying for about a decade in Pune, I hated to say that I didn't watch Regatta yet!!! A spectacular performance of boats at COEP's boat club! But not anymore! For last weekend, I just washed myself off that guilt:
79th Regatta at COPE's boat club.

While the show was wonderful, individuals showcasing their prowess at skillful handling of difficult and clumsy looking boats, there were 2 things that just overshadowed all the joy I derived there.

1. The organization was pathetic. The sitting arrangements were not well constructed. The temporary sitting arrangements that were built were of pathetically poor quality. At least 2 of the planks broke off, forcing spectators to vacate their seats :-( Maybe they could do away with little better quality Civil Enggs :-) And not to mention that by the time the show was over (after what I would call 5 gruelling hours!) my butt was aching like anything, and had to stand for few minutes before I could regain full control of my lower body muscles!!!

2. More serious of the flaws was the agenda of the program. The time gap between 2 performances was frustratingly high!!! As high as 20 minutes for 2 events of 5 minutes each!!! That was single most thing that spoiled the whole fun of watching Regatta!

Besides, the water is hopelessly filthy! When the water splashes off the frenzied motion of oars, all you see is algae!!! Yes, the color of water is completely green!!! My buddy says you have to give a swimming test before you can participate in Regatta, I wonder how they manage to take a dip in such dirty water! Please COEPians, see if you can do something and clean up that lake!

But whatever I suffered, I really liked the performances. The guys and gals out there must have really slogged hard to strive for perfection. My personal favourite is manoeuvring the most difficult, Kayaks!

There are some videos that you can see. But sadly, all are poorly shot and leaves you with a desire of seeing more. None are complete and as a collection they don't cover all performances. Leaving out the most exciting ones :-( Here's that sad page, nonetheless:


sonia said...

That is surprising. When i had been to regatta 5 years back, it was just awesome..including the seating arrangement and the programmes they had put up in between those 5 minute events.
Looks like it is not the same anymore

Indrani said...

i wouldnt agree more.. though the performances are good, the organization is absolutely pathetic...
Had seen it once coz sis was performing... never after that :)