Monday, May 28, 2007

Alternate profession for emacs users?

Adi's a converted vim user. Earlier he was emacs user, but later it dawned upon him that if he has to live longer as a programmer/hacker with healthy state of his fingers and finger-joints, emacs is NOT his editor! Of course, there's only one real editor he could fall back to, VIM! And this is what he quoted yesterday, which I would say is comment of the year!

Emacs users always have an alternate profession to fall back on: The Pianist!!!

You won't get the essence and depth of this sentence unless you have seen an ardent emacs users manoeuvering the keyboard while editing/debugging his code furiously, all the time giving an impression he's no less than Yanni! This reminds me of another good line, which I bet I've quoted many times:

Emacs is a nice OS, but it lacks a good editor...
that's why I use

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Darth Chatri said...

Actually, I was a Vim user who was converted to emacs and who came beck to vim :)
However I never used vim effectively earlier.

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Some day I wanna learn to use Vim the way u do! :)

The Shaolin said...

Well, thanks for your generous compliment! But don't even use fraction of vim features!

Sweta said...

Try using SlickEdit. its also cool.
But Vim rules!

jetxee said...

I used to be an emacs user for about a year or two. Then I felt pain in my arms.

This is when I started vimming. Six years so long, and still happy :)

Dhruv said...

Inspired from the above post -

Question: Do you play any musical instruments?
Answer: Yes. Emacs.