Sunday, May 13, 2007

My buddy Arun is back for a vacation

Sunday... the most exciting thing was I was gonna play my regular Sunday games... with my affable Univ United (aka U2) gang! The reason it's fun to play with *my* junta is two fold:

1. We All play a very careful game, no injuries is of paramount importance! Though never told formally, this is what is religiously followed, probably it's a good time to put it down formally...

When Winning and Losing don t have any meaning, that is when the real game happens, play happens.
Otherwise it is war.
War has a significance for Winning or Losing.
(this is a quote by revered Sri Sriji)

2. No cheating and screaming at the top of our lungs...
If someone calls a foul, we just give it... no arguments... real sportsmen, we all are! It saves lots of frustrations and time too!
So, even if I'm physically dead tired at the end of the game, mentally I'm fully charged for the coming week!

After a happy game, I dropped like a dead meat into my bed, of course after bath and got up only after few hours of sound sleep :-) You won't know the joy of GOOD sleep after a hard game, unless you experience it first hand!

After lunch, I lazed around reading some stuff, mostly random... and then came the MOST exciting part.... my budd'iest of buddies... Arun (aka Anna) was going to land in Bombay that night. I had promised I'll come to receive him, when he's flying back from US! So I went to his place, his daddy had booked a Sumo for to & fro journey. 1815 hrs we left Pune, reached Bombay just before 2201 hrs.

His flight was delayed by few minutes... I couldn't wait to see him. And uncle was just glued to the glass door, from a corner where he can see the farthest end of the arrival lounge... how cute... how eager was he to see his son!!! I was deeply touched! When I saw on the information board that his planes has touched the Indian grounds... I transfixed my eyes on the TV displaying interior part of arrival lounge... hoping to spot Arun, before Uncle did!!! After 45 minutes of surveillance, I gave up and was talking to a buddy who called up to give me company... not letting the TV screen go out of my sight. A few minutes later I felt a tight hug of strong arms from behind! Thief! Of course NOT! The very next instant I knew it has to be Arun! I didn't even have the courtesy to say bye to buddy I was talking to! So excited I was! I just said, 'Call you later' & cut the call! And responded to his hug! WOW! I could match his strength too! I was so excited to see him back, after 10 months!

As to little background... we first met on the first day of my engineering college (PICT), he made the first move to start the friendship. We then turned out to be the closest of buddies, touch wood, and spent ALL of the college time together: lectures, practicals, library, canteen, movies, final year project, etc. We even hopped all companies together since our first job! It was last year when we trod little different paths, while I decided to continue slogging at Nevis, he ventured for his MS at USC. And now here he was... with NEW dreams in his eyes... having tryst with The Uncle Sam's country... and loads of stories to share!

From the moment we hopped back into the car, through the time we reached his place in Pune, back at 0301 hrs in the night, about 4 hrs, we both kept talking ON & ON!!! Not even thinking for an instant that the driver was playing CD at the loudest possible volume (maybe he wanted to cut our noise) and uncle was getting bored all alone in the front seat! No one would have said that he had travelled for 30+ hrs all the way from LA to Mumbai!!! We wanted to talk about EVERY DAMN THING that happened (or didn't happen) to us in just one single instant... without letting a single moment be wasted in silence! Back to Pune, he didn't want me to leave... neither did I... but I had to come office today... and had to leave. Have come early to office, so that we can meet again in the evening. So bad that, for some problems, he had to cut short his 1 month trip to mere 15 days :-(

All the time, my mind now wanders to chat to him! I didn't know I missed him so much until he came back :-)

[1] Univ United Group:


Sweta said...

Thats gr8! so welcome Arun. After reading your log, i really feel that u missed him a LOT!

The Shaolin said...

>After reading your log, i really feel that u missed him a LOT!
Yes, I DID miss him so much! After all we spend sooooo many memorable moments together!

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Bahut yarana hein re! (Gabbar style) :).
BTW, do let me know of his contact no. Have to spank him for not replying to my orkut scraps & gtalk messages... :)

Rituraj said...

Hey, do let me know Arun's mail id.

Sheetal said...

thats wonderful. have fun as long as he is around :)