Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny Sticker

It was a smooth drive back home yesterday evening... though the sheer thought of visiting dentist sent chills down my spine. And suddenly I saw a big car ahead of me sporting a weird sticker. Reading it, I almost pumped down the brake pedal, and the very next instant I realized what an interesting typo it was!!! Fortunately, even at 60 kmph, I was able to click this photo, just to share with you all:

The sticker reads:

'Brake Down & Towing Vehicle'

What!!! Don't get it yet??? Read it again... B R A K E down! Brakes out of order, it implies!!! Imagine what would be your immediate reaction when you are driving at high speeds on city roads and read this sign on a BIG vehicle ahead of you :)

The sign actually intended to read:
'Break Down & Towing Vehicle'

Photographed with Sony W700i from a moving vehicle.


Sagar Bhanagay said...

Funny! :). I once came across a lady wearing a flashy T-shirt that said "I've up'ed my standards, up yours!" ;). Pretty unapproachable, eh? :)

The Shaolin said...

> unapproachable...
Naah! I would say too approachable ;)
Whoever came up with this, is pretty darn smart!

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