Thursday, September 28, 2006

First Impressions of Sony W700i

Yesterday was the first time I thought I should put the WalkMan abilities of my Sony W700i to test. WOW!!! Was the first word that came out of me the moment I plugged the special Sony Fontopia Earphones and played Madonna's 'Die Another Day'! The moment you put them on, the special ear plug technology shields ANY and EVERY sound around you! All you hear is PURE music! Very innovative design. And the effect is nothing less than my Creative Inspire 5200 5.1 speakers!!! I'm tempted to say that I have never heard such good quality music on any other Nokia phones!

So for all you audiophiles, go for Sony W-series if you want to double up your phone as source of musical orgasm! Besides, the control buttons are aptly designed and placed. No nonsense and providing all the power you want to control what you listen to, while the rest of your keypad is locked. What is really additionally cool is that the headphones disconnect in between, and allow you to connect the phone easily to your amplifier or music system with off the shelf standard connector!!! Pretty cool! So much impressed was one of my colleagues (who was planning to buy a mobile) here in office that he went straight to the shop and asked for the same phone. (He ended up buying the later version W800).

As to phone features, the only thing that I'm missing is it's organizer doesn't allow you to categorize appointments as Birthday, Meeting, Reminder, etc. It's PC-sync works pretty well. Great for backing up contacts and appointments.

Camera performance already posted at Sony W700i camera on test.
Didn't try anything too exotic, but for simple day-to-day point & shoot functionality it is more than satisfactory.

Here's where you can see that earphones can be disconnected and you can hook in your line-in wire here.


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