Saturday, September 29, 2007

EGO Fall 2007 PIcnic at CMU

After 2 gruelling months, finally we got a small opportunity to unwind a bit, the EGO Fall 2007 Picnic, at Scheneley Park. After a LONG LONG time me and Vish set out of apartment with a relaxed mind, despite loads of work and assigments to do.

Taming the Lion. photo credits: Vish, concept: Atul

We had vouched to enjoy at the picnic to the fullest... and guess what... we DID! We Just Did It! Strolling along the park, clicking loads of photos on the way, we reached the spot: satisfied our taste buds with Indian food silenced the bubbling juices in our grumbling stomaches ~~~tears of happiness in eyes~~~ played with flying-dish, soccer, the swing, relaxed a bit and then headed back to our den.

Here you go, check out the albums:
[1] Prince's album
[2] Vish's album


namrataghadi said...

duHHHH... i missed it... :(
i am such a foolllll

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Aray, fantastic! Saw both the albums... Seems a fun place! Bahut ho gayee uchal-kood, chalo, ab home-work karo ;)