Sunday, October 21, 2007

Screenshot, weekend update and more

Just done with midterms, and took a 2 day break from 16-hours-slogging-per-day regime. Seeing recent posts people have started believing that I'm having a gala out here. Indeed I'm having a gala time, but not of the kind apparent from my recent posts. The 16 hour regime is a norm here at CMU for every grad student. With weekends requiring a little more than 16 hrs! Schedule's packed with inceasent stream of assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and lectures. On top of that, household chores, cooking and everything else! But yes, I'm enjoying it :) I *have* to enjoy it!

In midst of all this, I keep fiddling with my box, which I LOVE doing, and just managed screw up my Lightning Calendar today :( Lost all the important appointments (read dates) recorded in there.

I use Thunderbird (hereafter refered to as thunder) as my mail client, and it has this amazing calendar plugin: Lightning. On my Debian lenny/sid, thunder was stuck on 1.5.x version. I wanted the latest one,, and so tweaked the /etc/apt/sources.lst file to include 'unstable' packages. 'apt-get update' followed by upgrade of thunder rendered my thunderbird useless :( Going back to older version doesn't work (at least not trivially) and latest version erased all my calendar appoitments. And as you can guess, I DIDN'T have a backup of my calendars :( To worsen the matters, the Lightning refuses to work with Thunder now :( Oh, and I forgot to tell, the reason I wanted to upgrade was that the Provider for Google Calendar works only with the latest versions.

So, I've resorted back to Sunbird, a standalone calendar/organizer. Haven't got it organized it yet, because the fonts are looking unweildly BIG :( And there's absolutely no control over it from the preferences and neither from 'kcontrol -> Appearance & Themes -> Fonts' Gosh, today is the day to screw up apps, I guess!

And I'm aware that there haven't been any screenshots recently, but remember that I never stop collecting s___y wallpapers! So here you go... only this time a little digression from my regular type of snapshots...

The sexy widgets that you see (system info, time, KDE version) is SuperKaramba! Let me know if you are curious what themes are running, too lazy to detail on that now. I've persnalized version of them to fit my needs. And here's the link to original wallpaper.


Sagar Bhanagay said...

Hey! Where's the model who's supposed to hold this python? ;)

The Shaolin said...

Well, unfortunately, this was taken when she went off to change(???) clothes!