Thursday, January 31, 2008

F@!#$ed up, yet again

... yes, I just don't seem to get along with keeping up on these birthdays thing :(

At times I get sucked up so much in my own little(???) (stupid) world, that I soon become disconnected from reality. WTF! Aaggrrhhh!!!! I forgot my sweetest little brother's birthday yesterday. In past 12+ years there wasn't a single birthday of his in which we didn't have a blast. And how the f!@$ can I forget it, all the while he was waiting that I'll call, or even better land up in India and give him the pleasantest of surprises! But alas, stupid me, completely forgot the day and finally he couldn't hold up himself any more and buzzed me to remind that it's his birthday.

Sometimes, we do stupid things... in our quest to make our closest happy, we completely forget the present moment and the small things that matter a lot :( But thank God, he's more forgiving than I am and so he has forgiven me, at least for the moment! Love you bro, muuaahh!

How dumb :'( How Cheap :'( How stupid :'( How !@#$ed up :'( I trust I'll soon become a legend on this :(

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Mithila said...



Sagar Bhanagay said...

Shame! shame! :D

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Funnily, just the earlier article was regarding syncing of Calendars!!!! :D

TaurianLeo said...

I can understand what you would have felt. i have dont it once. :(