Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Have I lost my minds?

Here's why I'm saying this...
Yesterday was my brother's birthday. On the way back home from office I stopped by a cards shop, and bought him a nice(???) greeting. Now, what I bought was a card which implied as if he was leaving the country for a long time! DAMN! I was supposed to buy a birthday card! But when I read the words, I got so carried away that I bought it. Without even realizing what on earth was I buying. Where the hell was my mind wandering? And the worst part is, it was only when he pointed out did I realize what I bought was *not* a birthday card :-( How dumb can I be at times.

I haven't given him any gift yet, thank GOD that his exams are going on, otherwise he would have taken me left and right and given me a real tough time, esp. after this card goof-up ;-) Though I didn't admit it was a goof-up :-D

BTW, can you beat this?


Sheetal said...

reason might be ur last posts miss xyz :)

Siege Perilous said...

even I agree with Sheetal.
Now u need to be careful henceforth and I m sure more posts like this willbe there !!
Good.. Keep it up !!
Remember teh old song, Pyaar humen kis mode pe le aaya [:P]

Manish Samota said...

you can beat urself man,
try giving him a Pencil, eraser and a sharpner ...(just forgot that he is not kid now ;)....)
then u will realize ...all the lefts and all the rights ;)

The Shaolin said...

Thank GOD I didn't do that!
I can't imagine what would have happened in that case ;-)