Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Visiting the hell hole: Las Vegas

To begin with I was soooo excited about the Las Vegas Trip. In fact, all of us have been looking up to it since Pittsburgh. I have heard so much about this place that I wanted to know what the hullabaloo is all about. I swear, but, this place is nothing short of a hell hole! Just a few days before the trip, I had a strong intuition that I should not go to this trip, and I won't enjoy it. But commitment was already done, and arrangements made. I had to go against my intuition, someone that has never failed me.

I won't go into the details of WHY I didn't like the place. Boozing, promiscuity and gambling probably would top the list. Suffice to say that most of the world's black money flows in and out of here. All the vices culminate here, are born here, nurtured here that too !@$#ing OFFICIALLY! Everything that you wouldn't want your kid to do, or taste, is done here.

Trying to survive the 133F+ heat! From Las Vegas

Part of disappointment also came from the fact that no one wanted to play gambling and yet (some of group members) wanted to visit every @!$#ing casino! Damn, once you have seen one, they all look bloody same. The mercury was soaring 120F+ (50C+), and food wasn't good. Nothing, not a single thing was exciting on this trip. Even the extravagant hotels look the same after the first few.

Hotel Bellagio From Las Vegas

Hotel Luxor From Las Vegas
To quote Chief Navigator (aka Vikram): I personally believe that if the entire city of Las Vegas is shut down, then there will be a significant impact on global warming (IN A GOOD WAY!) What a waste creating a random city like that in the middle of the burning desert. That's why everyone must go to Vegas once in their lives and like it or hate it!

In Death Valley, detour on the wayFrom Las Vegas

If you don't like to booze, gamble and promiscuity turns you off, don't spend more than a night here. Spending the 4th July long weekend here was a criminal waste of precious time :( Hope you would be wiser.


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sonia said...

hey i totally agree with you... after the first day everything is just the same.. it gets soo depressing afterwards wonder why people love that place.. anyways the photos are good !!!! :):)

Kasturi said...

Thats why its called the Sin City! u have to expect all the things normally a person will not venture to do! But some things u can only do in Vegas is visit the grand hotels like Venetian, Bellagio's dancing fountains, shows that are in different hotels and look at the grand lighting! I was very apprehensive to visit Vegas but after going there i felt it was a totally different world. The worst part is the smoke the end of the day my nose used to be so stuffy i cud hardly breathe.
Did u get a chance to see the Blue Man's show??n if not u really missed something in Vegas!

The Shaolin said...

Sin City Yes, that is right. Yea grand hotels are good, but after seeing 2-3, they kind of get repetitive. As to shows... Myself and my buddy were soooo disgustingly depressed, that all we wanted to do was get back home :)

Transcending Reality said...

You should have covered Grand Canyon. Its just a day's trip from Vegas. And yeah, its definitely better than Vegas :)