Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wireless Internet everywhere for everyone

Free the Airwaves... This is a very exciting project Google is supporting!
If you have ever tuned an old idiot box (aka TV) you must have seen fuzzy static between channels... the unused spectrum, in technical terms. More than three quarters of these radio airwaves is unused! How about using it, using it well!

Google is supporting a project 'Free The Airwaves' that could offer a revolution in wireless services, including universal wireless Internet.
Man, Google really knows how to revolutionize things! I love the way they come up with amazing ideas!
You got to read this about page to find out more on this project. You can even support the cause by signing the petition.


Sagar Bhanagay said...

It is indeed exciting & revolutionary. Though usage of unused spectrum for a different purpose isn't a new thing. ADSL enables data transmission over copper telephone lines. Remember the ADSL modem provided by our own BSNL for broadband? :). Seems like Google is applying the same principle albeit over wireless.

The Shaolin said...

Yes, but TV signal is more omnipresent than telephone network. Plus, it doesn't require laying down too much infrastructure if service is to be made available to new locations!